Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.12.15

Don’t be so quick to exonerate officer

In response to “Race played no role in Ferrell’s death” (Aug. 10 Forum):

I disagree with Forum writer David Ramsey’s position.

It is so rare that a law enforcement department charges an officer, as Officer Wes Kerrick was charged.

Former Police Chief Rodney Monroe saw all the evidence and made his decision based on that. So I trust Chief Monroe’s decision until Chief Monroe is proven wrong.

I wore the uniform for five years and know personally that some officers use excessive force when they should not.

Jim Little, Wadesboro

Officers do get shot with own weapons

In response to “Videos shed new light on shooting” (Aug. 9):

When Officer Wes Kerrick tells investigators that he is in fear for his life because Jonathan Ferrell was grabbing for his gun, the community should remember that two Charlotte police officers – John Burnette and Andy Nobles – were killed in 1993 when an unarmed man took Burnette’s gun and used it to kill them.

Thankfully, Kerrick was able to defend himself before being killed in a similar fashion.

David Self, Huntersville

Trump offers the truth voters crave

I’m astonished that neither political candidates nor media pundits understand the Donald Trump phenomenon.

Donald, himself, has named it: “What I say, I say!”

The American people pray for someone with the don’t-give-a-damn guts to tell the truth about our nation’s many problems. We can handle it – because we must or face disaster!

Trump will, of course, never be elected. But he may smoke out the Republican who will be elected for being equally honest.

By the same token, Hillary Clinton, unable to know the truth from a trinket, will never be elected.

John V. Doyle, Matthews

Tired of roadshow, time to talk issues

Donald Trump is a brilliant diversionary tactic by the GOP.

Trump is dominating the media and keeping the media coverage focused on himself and the myriad of GOP candidates.

Democratic candidates are getting little coverage, and many people don’t even know there are others besides Hillary running.

Come on media, get off the Trump roadshow and start providing coverage about what the serious candidates want to do to move the country forward!

Jay Yarnell, Charlotte

Spend on teachers, not on more testing

In response to “Developing teachers is missing the mark” (Aug. 6):

The greatest impact on student growth and teacher achievement is no mystery.

Students who receive more individual attention make the most gains.

Crowded classrooms also breed behavior problems, which the teacher must address, taking time away from instruction.

School districts continue to find money to fund extra testing and extra requirements for teachers. A large portion of that would be better spent on hiring teachers and assistants who can give students the individual attention they need and deserve.

Catherine Schwanke, Charlotte

Let diverse voices of Civil War be heard

In response to Our View “History that can unite us” (Aug. 10 Editorial):

I applaud the proposed N.C. Civil War History Center in Fayetteville.

There is so much misinformation out there that a few hateful people use for their own aims.

I like the idea that many diverse voices will be heard to create a quilt of different cultures that lived through those times and the legacy left for each culture.

My great-grandfather erected a monument called Unity at the Bennett Place near Durham where two generals bypassed politicians to create the largest troop surrender of the Civil War.

They believed in reunifying the country and we are still finding ways to do just that.

Rosalie Reynolds, Charlotte

What Bill James is saying makes sense

In response to “County plans to protect Confederate monument” (Aug. 10):

Bill James’ statement, “If you allow Confederate monuments to be vandalized, it will give a license to people to vandalize MLK monuments or monuments of pretty much anybody anyplace...” is the voice of logic in an increasingly illogical debate. I thank him for making sense.

Melissa Mason, Huntersville