Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.21.15

Don Collins
Don Collins

Clinton judgment clouded by privilege

In response to Our View “One person to blame on Clinton emails” (Aug. 19 Editorial):

Your editorial on Hillary Clinton’s email problems was excellent. You demonstrated objectivity, knowledge of the right thing to do, and explained it in terms so everyone can understand the issues.

This is clearly not a partisan political attack, but a thoughtful review by the government to determine if any national security secrets have been lost.

This also broaches the larger narrative of the Clintons failing to follow the rules all of us must live by. It appears her judgment has been clouded by years of power and privilege.

Bill Rice, Charlotte

City can’t afford to raise minimum wage

In response to “City mayoral candidates focus on worker rights” (Aug. 19):

I read that Democrats Jennifer Roberts and Roderick Davis support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for city employees from the current $7.25. That’s over a 100 percent increase.

Not bad, but why stop there? How about raising it to $20 or $25?

These people and others pushing this crazy idea are irresponsible. Who is going to pay for this nonsense?

Don Collins, Charlotte

A crime to let Officer Kerrick walk streets

Jonathan Ferrell was killed because he pounded on a door at 2:30 a.m. and as a result encountered a scared police officer who excessively shot him 10 times.

Ferrell made a few mistakes because he was scared too.

Pounding on a door in the early morning and not telling the homeowner, or the police, that he needed assistance due to crashing his car was dumb.

But these aren’t crimes. Officer Wes Kerrick needs to pay for killing this young man. It would be a crime to let him walk the street.

Mabel Reed, Charlotte

Train youth to respect law officers

In response to “CMPD officers not adequately trained” (Aug. 19):

Forum writer Jim DuRocher says “a qualified officer should be able to handle any situation – other than a gunfight – without the use of his firearm.”

So, in the Ferguson, Mo. shooting, a 6-foot-4, 210 pound officer should have been sufficiently trained to subdue, without his weapon, a charging Michael Brown, who was 6-foot-4, nearly 300 pounds?

Many black/white police shootings are precipitated by a crime or failure to otherwise obey the law or an officer’s command. It follows then that the best way to not get shot is to not break the law.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to train our youth to respect the law and law enforcement officers?

John Perugini, Waxhaw

Duke’s drone use should outrage public

In response to “Drones taking flight for Duke” (Aug. 20):

Duke Energy’s announcement that it will fly drones to check power outages should be met with outrage by the public.

While I have no problem with Duke’s desire to be more efficient, the idea of their drones invading our privacy any time day or night is completely intolerable.

What assurances are there that these drones will not be looking for far more than just power outages as they fly over your backyard?

This is not a case of being over paranoid, but rather a longing for the days when people cherished their privacy.

Bill Whitesides, Lincolnton

A timely take on quantity vs. quality

In response to “Quantity or quality? You get to pick one” (Aug. 19 Food & Drink):

Though she may not know it, Kathleen Purvis makes a fine statement for our preparation for the Jewish High Holy Days in September.

We are now in the month of Elul which is used for reflection on our place in the world and how our presence can impact life for everyone.

Eating and drinking responsibly is one of the ways we care for the earth and the people on it. What a delicious way to spread the goodness and make every bite appreciated!

Charlotte Miller, Davidson

So self-righteous about drinking moms

In response to “Drinking moms? That’s no way to cope” (Aug. 20 Forum):

Really, do the folks complaining about moms celebrating that their children are back in school have nothing else to do?

Go live your lives and let others live theirs.

I just don’t get how it is construed as “wrong.” I applaud them getting together and forming the relationship. Stop judging.

Kathy Psaroudis, Mint Hill