Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.01.15

Candidates get it wrong on schools

The writer is a former member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education:

I am intrigued that the mayoral candidates talk about CMS, which is not their responsibility. Community poverty is their responsibility and a huge challenge for CMS.

Poverty has the greatest negative impact of all factors on a student’s readiness to succeed academically.

I appreciate the concern and interest in our public school system, but it is financial support that is essential if we are to prepare every child for life. Hopefully those elected bodies responsible will act responsibly.

Joe I. White, Jr., Charlotte

I’ve seen why Jerry Orr deserves honor

In response to Peter St. Onge’s “Too soon for Jerry Orr Boulevard?” (Aug. 27):

As a County Economic Developer for more than 20 years, I witnessed firsthand the professionalism and effectiveness of Jerry Orr. It was apparent that his successes greatly benefited the region and the state.

I hope the Charlotte City Council will take this opportunity to demonstrate professionalism by appropriately recognizing Jerry Orr for his vision, competence, and extraordinary leadership.

Nathan J. Greene, Monroe

CMPD, unlike others, too quick to judge

In response to “CMS teacher charged with sex crime involving children” (Aug. 24):

Double standards drive me crazy. An elementary teacher was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography – no date for a trial yet. He was suspended with pay. Police Officer Kerrick was suspended without pay, although it took almost two years to go to trial.

I wonder if the CMPD will issue him his suspended pay as quickly as they jumped to lay charges.

Sally Coulter, Charlotte

PTAs should want to help other schools

In response to “Charlotte’s PTAs: A stark gap in money, services” (Aug. 30):

Bill Anderson’s characterization of asking PTAs to share a portion of their funds as “punishment” is unfortunate.

On the contrary, expanding our focus beyond the walls of our own schools and helping children outside of our own neighborhoods should be seen as a privilege and an opportunity.

Jessica Hunsinger, Charlotte

PTAs trying to make up CMS shortfalls

While some PTAs may raise $200 per student, CMS has been transferring $2,000 per student per year for the last 10 years from schools along Hwy 51 and north of Harris Boulevard to reduce classroom size in low-performing schools.

For each private dime a PTA raises, CMS takes away a public dollar from the same school. Now tell me again about that “stark gap.”

Bolyn McClung, Pineville

Clearcut trees leave us with graveyards

We are losing one of our most precious commodities to the building industry and that is our beautiful wooded areas. I cannot understand the concept of clearcutting nor why it is being allowed by local, county or state government.

Not only are animal homes and bird nests being destroyed, the animals themselves are being slaughtered. We are not just losing the beauty of nature, we are impacting the food chain for many species. What I see when I look at the huge piles of downed trees and debris is mass graveyards.

Camile Creange, Matthews

Why unconventional candidates are hot

In Raleigh, Republican legislators in the 2010s have proven no better than the Democrats in the 2000s at carrying out their fundamental job – passing a state budget on time.

In Washington, Democratic senators refuse to allow the U.S. Senate to follow the normal budget process, so the federal government will once again fail to pass a budget before the October 1 beginning of the next fiscal year.

Is it any wonder unconventional candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump get a following?

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Why not pay airport greeters more?

In response to “Airport restroom attendants: Welcome to Charlotte. Here’s a paper towel.” (Aug. 28):

The airport authority collects millions of dollars in ticket taxes and fees.

If these greeters are such an asset, pay them a good wage and remove the tip jars. THAT would be true southern hospitality.

Dale Williams, Boone