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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.04.15

Kurt Naas
Kurt Naas

Wise, not ‘silly’ to cancel toll contract

In response to “Time to face some I-77 toll realities” (Sept. 3 Forum):

The writer is a spokesman for Widen I-77.

Charlotte Chamber CEO Bob Morgan again tried to defend the I-77 toll lane project.

This project grants all of the remaining right-of-way to a foreign company for the next 50 years.

Taxpayers will kick in over $150 million to build private tolling infrastructure. If toll revenues fall short taxpayers will subsidize another $75 million.

Tolls will vary based on congestion, so the foreign company benefits from congestion in the free lanes to maximize profit.

Morgan says canceling the contract now makes us look “silly.” He’s concerned it will jeopardize future projects.

More disasters like this? Now that’s silly.

Kurt Naas, Cornelius

BBQ-scented lottery ticket idea stinks

In response to “NC lottery introduces BBQ-scented lottery tickets” (Sept. 1):

The plague of stinky lottery tickets has reached our food-loving state.

There are too many types of lottery tickets already. The last thing we need is another thing to drain money from people’s pockets.

I wish state government would simply give more money to education in the first place.

Max Nemecek, Charlotte

Investigate Monroe’s rush to judgment

In response to Keith Larson “One more investigation needed with Kerrick case” (Sept. 2):

Former Chief Rodney “I’m-outta-here” Monroe’s 19-hour rush to judgment should be investigated, as well as “training expert” Capt. Mike Campagna.

Officer Kerrick should receive an apology from CMPD brass along with full reinstatement and back pay with interest.

There is no place for political correctness when investigating a law enforcement officer’s actions in the discharge of his sworn duties.

Neal Helms, Charlotte

CMPD must track trainees better

In response to “CMPD to increase training after trial” (Sept. 3):

CMPD may well increase its training on use of force – and I hope it does – but until the department begins keeping records of how trainees perform in training, then it will be meaningless.

The only reason not to keep records, as has been the policy in the past, is so the public will not know the results.

This must change.

Steve Jones, Charlotte

More jail time for crimes with guns

In response to “Need for sensible gun laws evident” (Sept. 2 Forum):

Focusing on “sensible regulation” of guns won’t solve the problem.

What needs to be asked in the shooting of the Texas sheriff’s deputy is why a man convicted of numerous crimes, including disorderly conduct with a firearm, never served more than six to 10 days in jail.

Robert Cuminale, Charlotte

Blame email debacle on Clinton arrogance

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton should have known that anything that entered her email system could be sensitive.

She should have used a more secure government server to protect the interests of the country she purported to serve.

Instead, she used a less secure, private server so she would have greater control over the emails for her convenience and to protect her own interests.

This is just one more example of her poor judgment, arrogance and self-serving attitude.

Catherine Stout, Indian Trail

It’s time for peace, diplomacy on Iran

After more than 13 years at war, I’m glad that Congress is turning toward diplomacy and peace.

The Iran deal looks like it will move forward through Congress, and I support the 34-plus senators who have spoken out in favor of the deal.

Now is the time for peace. Now is the time for diplomacy. Now is the time for Congress to support the Iran deal.

Mary Michael, Charlotte

Organizers put dollars before fans

Once again, college sports caved to the demand for dollars when ESPN “requested” the Belk College Kickoff be moved from Saturday to Thursday night.

Had it been held Saturday, the stadium likely would’ve been at capacity. Moving it to Thursday when people have to work the next day resulted in thousands of empty seats.

They catered to a corporation instead of the true fans of the two schools.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis