Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.09.15

Nations must act now to save refugees

The cause and cure of the migration from the Middle East and Africa into Europe must be addressed immediately with an international call to action.

With winter on the horizon in Europe, refugee camps will soon become the breeding grounds for disease and death of catastrophe proportions.

If the United Nations cannot or will not intervene in the atrocities that cause this migration, it clearly serves no useful purpose.

Can there ever be a more compelling call to action than what the world is witnessing today?

J.T. Nuccio, Charlotte

Nothing improper about my campaign

In response to “Pittenger’s loans to campaign investigated” (Sept. 8):

Once again the Observer has written a front-page article based on speculation and limited knowledge.

Consistent with my philosophy of having a multitude of counsel throughout my life in personal and business affairs, we were diligent to work with knowledgeable attorneys and accountants in all aspects of funding the campaign.

Further review by additional attorneys has affirmed that we acted properly and legally, following the advice of our attorneys in our campaign efforts.

While the Observer and I share very different views on many issues, it seems to me that this kind of reporting does not provide thoughtful information for public awareness and debate on serious issues.

Robert Pittenger, Charlotte

Don’t shift housing cost to public sector

In response to “Can city zone out racial isolation?” (Sept. 4):

Why should Davidson taxpayers subsidize housing for a Davidson College employee when the school charges $60,000 a year per student?

If the employee is well educated and hardworking, then the obvious solution is for the private college to pay her more and not shift the costs of her housing to the public sector.

Or, God forbid, perhaps she can find housing outside of Davidson that she can afford on her current salary, like the rest of the residents of North Mecklenburg.

Danielle Walters, Charlotte

Sen. Tillis ignores GOP’s role in Mideast

In response to “Why I’ll vote against the nuclear deal with Iran” (Sept. 8 Viewpoint):

Israel’s former deputy national security adviser, Chuck Freilich, says the new deal “will contribute to Israel’s security. For at least the next decade, Israel will not have to live under the threat of a nuclear Iran…that is a major achievement.”

Top nuclear experts in Europe and the U.S. agree.

If Sen. Thom Tillis is concerned with finding solutions for the “blaze of war, chaos, and extremism” in the Middle East, he needs to examine how his own party’s relentless championing of violent intervention has helped create those conditions.

Gregory Starrett, Charlotte

Bush decisions on Iraq put us in danger

Sunday on “Meet the Press” former Secretary of State Colin Powell still claimed it was poor intelligence that led to George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, when in fact the president and his administration skewed intelligence to make that case. The world is a much more dangerous place because of that decision.

Michael Mezquida, Charlotte

If job interferes with beliefs, find a new job

In response to “Muslim flight attendant says she was wrongly suspended” (Sept. 7):

A county clerk refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Her personal beliefs do not give her the authority to pick and choose when to fulfill her job duties.

A flight attendant converts to Islam and because of her beliefs is no longer able to serve alcoholic beverages to passengers.

I applaud the devotion to her religion, but if those fundamental beliefs conflict with the established job requirements then it is time to find a new job.

A job is a privilege, not a right. If aspects of said job interfere with your belief system, the job is not right for you.

Michelle Higgins, Matthews

Belk family changed my life in a big way

In response to “4 ways the Belks shaped region” (Sept. 4):

As a senior Belk Scholar at Davidson College, I can attest to the impact of the Belk family on my own life.

Thanks to the scholarship, I’m a double major in Political Science and Africana Studies at Davidson.

With the scholarship’s travel grants, I’ve traveled to nine countries, studied abroad at Oxford, and taught in rural Tanzania.

I get to study what I love, with professors and peers I love, at a school I love, all because of the Belk family.

Matt Gore, Davidson