Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.13.15

Anthony Ansaldo
Anthony Ansaldo

Minimum wage hike hurts small business

In response to Eric Frazier “Time to fix America’s minimum wage mess” (Sept. 11 Opinion):

Brittany Johnson will overcome. She appears to have a great work ethic and super attitude. She will become a professional massage therapist one day.

After losing my six-figure income in the textile business I opened a South Park bagel shop, paying most of my employees $10 an hour.

A mere $1 an hour raise would have computed to an additional $1,000 per month in overhead. The money was just not there.

Politicians setting wages on small businesses should have to own and operate one before qualifying to hold office.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Past experience sets Clodfelter apart

In response to Our View “For mayor: Howard, Peacock” (Sept. 6 Editorial):

You credited Mayor Dan Clodfelter, an accomplished former state senator, for his ability to “bring people together.”

David Howard may work congenially with both parties in a Democrat-dominated urban City Council, but with no state legislative experience his ability to work as effectively with a GOP-controlled, rural leaning state legislature is questionable.

Mayor Clodfelter is clearly the best candidate.

Lynn Arnold, Charlotte

Build new Garinger High on Eastland site

Plans calls for a K-8 magnet school, park, and possibly retail stores at the former Eastland Mall site.

A much better use of the Eastland site would be as a new campus for Garinger High School.

I’m sure the magnet school is needed, but it will use only 11 acres.

Why would retail succeed at Eastland when it has failed before?

Are new high schools only built in the suburbs?

Scott Clifford, Charlotte

Welcome to my life as a CMS teacher

In response to “Why I finally quit teaching” (Sept. 9 Viewpoint):

The writer teaches at Piedmont IB Middle School.

Former private school teacher Jan Sidebotham brings up significant differences between what people think teachers do and what they actually do. But she falls way short of describing the reality of an unappreciated CMS teacher.

We have twice as many students as her reported 15 per class, and she left off one of our most important and time-consuming duties: being a social worker.

Reality is we spend planning periods conferencing with parents, reporting about a confrontation in the cafeteria, and discussing how to help a student who is cutting herself.

Why pursue an education degree when tuition costs are outrageous and an unappreciative N.C. legislature is paying $35,000 a year?

Ronny Reddig, Charlotte

Find way to meet law but retain Davis too

Everything that is wrong is not illegal. Everything that is illegal isn’t always wrong.

The laws that Kim Davis ran for office to uphold have changed during her tenure. She was elected and she represents the people. Well, at least some of the people.

We should be able to make a reasonable accommodation that will comply with both sides, with all sides, in this disagreement.

Anthony Ansaldo, Charlotte

Davis not living into Jesus’ message

If Jesus walked among us today, who would He more likely hold up as an example of His message?

Kim Davis, the Christian clerk, for her beliefs to deny gays a right to marry? Or another daughter of Abraham, 18-year-old Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani Muslim and Nobel Peace Prize winner, for her beliefs to promote the rights of all children of all nations to obtain a basic education?

He would love both unconditionally. But who would He point to and say, “This is the love I’ve been trying to show you?”

Mike Daisley, Charlotte

Clinton’s apology falls short for me

In response to “Clinton offers emails apology” (Sept. 9):

Hillary Clinton’s apology for using one email account for business and pleasure misses the issue entirely. National security secrets on a personally owned, housed and maintained server – wiped or not – by a standing U.S. Secretary of State is the nightmare come true.

Jim Champion, Matthews

Stop building walls to keep migrants out

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is building a fence to stop refugees escaping Syria through Jordan. Donald Trump wants to build a wall to prevent Mexicans crossing into the U.S.

This landscape paints a picture of discrimination. It has to stop. No more walls. Everyone deserves freedom.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews