Letters to the Editor

Forum: Maybe we should show people the damage guns do

Jack Flynn
Jack Flynn

Time for a new tactic on gun control

In response to “Students slain on campus” (Oct. 2):

I think it is past time for the people who believe in sensible gun laws to take a page from the anti-Planned Parenthood crowd and start publishing the pictures of what the aftermath of these shootings looks like.

If Americans had to stare at the results of these shootings and feel in their hearts what the parents and loved ones of the victims are going through, I think that sensible Americans would shout down those who advocate for more guns.

They would ask gun advocates when our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness finally trumps their right to bear arms.

Jack Flynn, Charlotte

President divides rather than unites

In response to “Don’t call me a ‘low information voter’ ” (Sept. 30 Forum):

Forum writer Alicia McCullough could have read Mr. Obama’s books and realized that his agenda was not that of the American people.

This president has become a divider, not one who unites.

He has destroyed any favorable relationships we had with our allies. He has created the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and the U.S. Army and Navy are about to become the smallest since World War II.

He continues to support millions of illegal immigrants with our tax dollars, and in my opinion constantly lies to the American people.

God help whoever becomes our next president.

Keith E. Smith, Charlotte

Democrats must protect local control

In response to “Move to restrict some local regulations fails” (Sept. 30):

Efforts by the Republican legislature to not only enact, but also to hide, legislation severely restricting local governments is not only insulting, but very telling.

Fresh off their privatization of Medicaid, GOP legislators are continuing obvious efforts to make North Carolina the most conservative state in the union, and want no interference from local governments.

The latest effort was derailed, but that does not mean they won’t try again in the future, as it appears this legislation was intended to target the LGBT community.

Hopefully, Democrats will remain vigilant against future efforts.

Bonner Mills, Mount Holly

People who live in glass houses...

In response to “Next they’ll find the Dough Boy offensive” (Sept. 25 Forum):

I’ve always been of the opinion that the Dough Boy – like many Americans – should lose weight to lengthen his life.

On the other hand, instead of suggesting that targeted minorities “get a life,” I suggest Forum writer Larry Hoopaugh get a deeper understanding of what their lives have been like over time.

Shoot, he only needs to look in his own backyard to begin securing that understanding.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach

Same old tired rhetoric from right

In response to “Is Medicaid reform good for N.C.?” (Oct. 1 Opinion):

In his op-ed piece on Medicaid reform Joseph Kyzer says “Successful outcomes for Medicaid mean eventually moving its enrollees off public coverage to a private or employer-provided insurer...”

When the vast majority of Medicaid users are elderly, disabled or children, what would these conservatives have them do?

Would they have the elderly and disabled to go back to work to better afford private insurance?

Or, is the real issue the same tired conservative rhetoric about how the lazy, mooching poor need to pay for everything on their own, despite their subsistent living wages?

Michelle Hargett, Charlotte

I didn’t let poverty hold me back

In response to “Bush wrong about ‘free stuff’ blacks get” (Sept. 29 Opinion):

I agree with Charles Blow’s op-ed piece about what blacks want. But to get some things – i.e. “true equality of access, opportunity and justice” – a person must do more than want.

One must make decisions that increase the likelihood of obtaining these things.

I grew up in rural poverty in the Midwest. Although there was no federal aid for education in those days, I worked my way through three college degrees and have made positive contributions to society.

Education and making correct decisions, such as not becoming a victim of the justice system, provided me with a life beyond my dreams as a child. Those same opportunities are available to all citizens.

Walter Hopkins, Linville