Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.04.15

David Gilpin
David Gilpin

Solution to shootings isn’t more gun laws

In response to “Students slain on campus” (Oct. 2):

President Obama’s first response to the tragic shootings in Oregon was to call for more gun laws.

What good are more gun laws, when current guns laws are not enforced and/or reduced to misdemeanors by our revolving-door justice system?

Criminals will always get their hands on guns. Where does that leave law-abiding citizens? Defenseless.

Instead of pushing for stricter gun control laws, how about enforcing existing gun laws and cut down on the divisive rhetoric that demonizes people who don’t agree with liberal politicians, liberal pundits, liberal media, and talk shows.

Stan Nelson, Matthews

Are slaughters like this worth it, NRA?

Here’s what gun advocates will say and why it’s nonsense:

▪ “Any reasonable control on guns, whether it be background checks, types of weapons or ammunition will lead to a slippery slope where the government takes all your weapons.”

I challenge you to name one evolved country with more gun control than the United States that has done that to its citizens.

It can’t happen in our time and structure, and you know it.

▪ “Give them more guns. Arm these people.”

You’re right; Give all the teachers and students guns so that they can get lost, stolen or be the subject of an accident.

Now let us hear you say: “The slaughter of innocent children and young people is worth it.”

David Gilpin, Charlotte

Hearings little more than Kabuki theater

In response to “A key Republican leader’s truthful gaffe” (Oct. 2 Opinion):

E.J. Dionne cannot be seriously surprised by potential Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s admission on Fox News that the Congressional Committee “investigating” Benghazi is spending our hard-earned tax dollars to drive down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.

Congressional hearings conducted by both parties have developed into a form of Kabuki theater with the questioners strutting and posturing for the cameras.

All is focused on the questions, not the answers.

N.C. Sen. Sam Ervin at the Watergate hearings may have been the last Congressional investigator asking well-crafted questions to seek the truth.

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Obama has a history of lax leadership

Can we really survive one more year of President Obama’s ineffective and naive leadership when he has been bested by so many the past seven years, including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the Taliban, Syria’s Bashar Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Cuba’s Castro brothers, ISIS in many locations, and even the Bergdahl family?

You could add to this list his misreading of, and actions after, the Ferguson and Baltimore situations.

Leading from behind is not leading, and the American people deserve better.

Richard Gibson, Waxhaw

Teacher turnover matters; act now

In response to “CMS teacher turnover hits 16.5%” (Oct. 2):

That teacher turnover at CMS has reached 16.5 percent was disappointing, but not surprising.

Since Gov. Jim Hunt’s time in office, the level of support for education has suffered a steep decline.

Leaders in Raleigh would do well to recognize that accountability measures, however well-intended, will fail if we do not have good teachers in our state’s classrooms.

They also need to remember that experienced teachers are paying more for medical costs, groceries, and more. Many have had to take second jobs to eke out a living.

This is not the way people so vital to our state’s education system and our children’s welfare should be treated.

John N. Mangieri, Charlotte

Annual mammogram caught my cancer

In response to “Doctors debate how to treat, or not treat, early stage breast cancer” (Oct. 2):

Thank you for this very informative article.

I was diagnosed in early March with this disease.

I am so thankful for the kind and caring medical teams that performed my lumpectomy and 16 rounds of radiation at the Levine Cancer Institute in Pineville.

I was frightened but felt supported in every way, on every day.

I urge all women to get mammograms yearly. I am so glad I do because I am the first woman in my family to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection saves lives!

Emma Jo McGee, Charlotte