Letters to the Editor

Forum: Deaths are sad, but I’m keeping my gun


Deaths are sad, but I’m keeping my gun

In response to “Students slain on campus” (Oct. 2) and related coverage:

Every time one of these multiple killings takes place everyone wants to ban guns. After Columbine, laws were enacted to ban guns from school grounds. The only folks that obeyed those laws were folks who respected the law. Background checks, meanwhile, can only do so much.

Weapons used by people in most murders are weapons that were not obtained through legal means. As an NRA member I would gladly give up the guns that I own, if everyone else including the criminals would give up their guns. As we say in Upper Cleveland County, that “ain’t gonna happen.”

Bill Lane, Polkville

Enough is enough, no more guns

I am an 80-year-old mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. This gun situation is a disgrace to this country. Enough is enough. We have to take our country back and stop all these killings.

Let’s all stand up and do something about it for children. Let’s go America, we can do it.

Angela Bickford, Mooresville

NRA gun rights fight is doomed to fail

Should the 2nd Amendment ever be repealed or legislation passed that prohibits gun ownership, it will not result from anti-gun zealotry or unconscionable acts committed by the suicidal or mentally ill.

It will happen because pro-gun rights organizations (e.g. the NRA) and individuals refuse to help craft responsible gun laws. We as a nation will eventually reach the number of gun-related deaths that is intolerable to all but the most intractable.

When that day comes, the “no firearm restrictions” crowd will have no one to thank but themselves for the resulting overreaction.

Mary F. Englebert, Statesville

Sensible gun control is not impossible

There are things that can be done to implement common sense gun control. We are the most advanced country on earth in a lot of ways, but one of the least civilized in others. We only need to look at other developed countries to know we don’t have to have this level of gun violence here. Let’s see how they control it and not be so afraid of learning from others.

David Duncan, Fort Mill, S.C.

Time for the vice president to jump in

The movement to draft the Vice President is now rapidly catching on. Joe Biden’s Senate experience and personal temperament are ideally suited to break the deadlock of our democracy and to restore the art of compromise between the White House and Congress.

My concern is that he will wait too long to make the decision to run.

William E. Jackson, Jr., Davidson

Obama’s policies make sense to me

In response to “Obama has a history of lax leadership” (Oct. 4 Forum):

I, too, am a Republican. However, I don’t watch Fox News or any other program that continually carps on the president. I may not always agree with him, but I do recognize that the economy continues to improve while he keeps us out of another senseless war. To some of my Republican friends, I would suggest you take a walk and breathe in some fresh air.

Mark Mazzoni, Charlotte

Offer new Mideast policy or be quiet

Richard Gibson (Oct. 2 Forum) echoes Charles Krauthammer – unrelenting criticism of President Obama irrespective of what he says or does, but not even a (half-baked) suggestion as to what he should do with or to Putin, Rouhani, et al.

What would they have us do? An all-out invasion of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia? A duel at 20 paces? A nuclear strike? Some CIA assassinations?

William F. Burns Jr., Charlotte

The GOP must move toward the middle

In response to “A case for Martin as a conservative; Ex-governor has been mislabeled as a moderate” (Oct. 4):

It is a very sad state of affairs in the Republican Party when a Republican such as Jim Martin does not wish to be labeled a “moderate” for fear it may damage conservative credentials.

If the Republican Party wishes to regain credibility, it must sever all ties to right wing groups and race to embrace the “moderate” stance.

Richard Johnson, Rock Hill, S.C.