Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.07.15

Karen Porter
Karen Porter

Not about money; put teachers first

The writer has worked as a CMS teaching assistant, substitute teacher, and as a volunteer for 20-plus years.

It is not the money. What teachers want from the state, school board and principals is support.

They want strong, “we’ve got your back” support in the classroom with troubled students, with gifted students, extracurriculars and innovative teaching styles.

Put teachers first. Recognize they have skin in the game; they want to change the world, one student, one classroom, one year at a time.

Make teaching honorable. Give teachers tools to help all students excel. Require parents/guardians to be accountable. Require students to be accountable.

Only then will education, again, become a desirable profession.

Karen Porter, Charlotte

I’m not fooled by Obama’s jobs rate

The unemployment rate is an economic indicator about the strength of the job market and status of household finances.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the current unemployment rate is 5.1 percent. Baloney!

The labor force participation rate of 62.7 percent is lower than anytime since 1978.

According to this administration’s propaganda the economy is rolling and everything is hunky-dory!

We lemmings are being led to the cliff.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

City should not settle with Officer Kerrick

In response to “City Council discusses Kerrick settlement” (Sept. 29):

I don’t understand why Charlotte City Council is considering back pay for Randall Kerrick.

He violated police procedures, leading to an innocent, unarmed man’s death. He should be fired, not rewarded.

Cindy Chilton, Charlotte

Gun-free zones make our schools targets

Mentally ill cowards bent on violence will always have access to tools of violence. Gun-free zones attract them like wolves to sheep and embolden their behavior.

Knowing that legally armed citizens may be present leads them to focus on “soft targets” like schools. Our children should not be the “bait” anti-gun proponents use to forward their agenda.

I want a good guy with a gun protecting my children from those bad guys bent on violence, and the more good guys the better.

David Stout, Davidson

On guns, it’s time to change Constitution

The Bill of Rights containing the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. Since then, firearms have become sophisticated with horrific killing power.

We need laws and enforcement to make it clear that automatic, magazine loaded weapon ownership is not protected by the Constitution.

Societal changes throughout our history have amended the Constitution including women’s rights, civil rights and prohibitions that were also later rescinded.

Certainly within the scope and history of the document we need to reduce the mass shootings at schools and churches to “insure domestic tranquility” and “promote the general welfare.”

Alan Goozner, Charlotte

NRA lobbying efforts get in the way

In response to “Solution to shootings isn’t more gun laws” (Oct. 4 Forum):

Forum writer Stan Nelson argues that more gun laws would be useless when current laws are not enforced.

Good point. And the reason existing gun laws are often not enforced is that the NRA heavily lobbies lawmakers to woefully underfund agencies whose job it is to enforce them.

Since Mr. Nelson and I share a common goal of wanting our existing gun laws enforced, I’m sure he will join me in opposing these NRA lobbying efforts, and in encouraging lawmakers to fully fund these agencies to do their job.

To make progress on issues like this, we really need to start looking for common ground.

Phil Evans, Huntersville

Response on identity theft insufficient

I’d like to sound off about all these security breaches at so-called “secure” corporate and government websites.

Once there has been a breach, corporations often give customers one, maybe two, years of free identity theft protection. Woo hoo! So what!

What if the thieves just sit on our sensitive information for a year, then decide to steal everything we’ve got or go on a loan application binge?

These companies owe us free lifetime identity theft protection! If their systems were up to date, we would not be talking about this.

Charles C. Ryder, Charlotte