Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.09.15

Barry Sherbal
Barry Sherbal

Virtual monopoly costs patients more

In response to “Survey: Some medical services pricy here” (Oct. 7):

When you combine the exorbitant salaries of our local “non-profit” health care executives with the fact that they’ve bought out almost every primary care and medical specialty office in the region thereby effectively eliminating competition, you quickly see why the costs of some diagnostic tests are as high as they are.

It’s interesting that in a high cost of living location like Washington D.C. costs for MRIs and other tests are lower.

The reason: There is considerable competition for services there, versus the virtual monopoly here.

Fleecing those in need of diagnostic testing here seems to be our town’s medical specialty!

Barry Sherbal, Charlotte

Don’t extend rail safety deadline

Amtrak is threatening a shutdown on many routes if Congress does not extend the deadline for mandated safety measures by another several years.

If these routes are not safety-compliant, then shut them down!

There should be no extension unless a second engineer is required on every train that travels a non-compliant route, as as an interim safety measure.

My dear friend, Laura Finamore, died needlessly in the high-speed derailment crash last May due to lack of these safety measures. No more families should be put at risk of such a loss!

Patricia LaRocca, Charlotte

Enforce traffic laws better, uniformly

In response to “How we can end the carnage on Charlotte roads for bicyclists” (Oct. 8 CharlotteObserver.com):

Like so many issues and outrages we face daily, we already have the right laws in place. We just need to enforce them uniformly.

When any vehicle runs a stop sign or traffic light, texts while driving, or uses the bike lane as a turn lane, give them a ticket.

When a pedestrian crosses against the light, give them a ticket.

If a bike rider uses the sidewalk as a speedway, give them a ticket.

Make it known that we all must abide by the laws already in place or face the consequences.

Gary McKee, Charlotte

A slippery slope to amend Constitution

In response to “On guns, it’s time to change Constitution” (Oct. 7 Forum):

The first 10 Amendments – the Bill of Rights – were demanded by the states as a condition for ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

They are the minimum standard for defining liberty. Change one and they are all changeable.

What other liberties are you willing to surrender?

Robert Cuminale, Charlotte

Criminals will get hands on ammo too

In response to “Go for the bullets, not the guns” (Oct. 8 Opinion):

Jeffrey Zalles’ op-ed column can give us some great memes. I’m thinking, “Invest in gunpowder sealed between lead and brass. Someday ammo will be worth gold.”

People are already stockpiling ammunition for their guns and ones they don’t even have.

Criminalize ammo and the criminals will quickly get in the business of selling ammo.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Might want to rethink statue of Rev. Graham

In response to “New book echoes hard-line Billy Graham of ‘50s” (Oct.7):

In April when he supported replacing a U.S. Capitol statue of N.C. Gov. Charles Aycock, a white supremacist, with one of the Rev. Billy Graham, the Rep. Charles Jeter said: “As times change, we need to make sure that the people that represent North Carolina do so with our best foot forward.”

So we take down the statue of a white supremacist who denied blacks the good life on Earth and in its place we erect a statue of Rev. Graham, who in his latest book says “hell is reserved for those who reject Christ,” thus denying a good afterlife to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and agnostics?

Neither statue is our best foot forward.

Dave Molinaro, Charlotte

I’ll stick to Graham sermon reruns

I still watch Rev. Billy Graham’s sermons replayed on Christian stations and they affect me even more now than they did 40-plus years ago.

Rev. Graham has been the most Christ-like person for me, at least in my lifetime! Can’t say that about his son with all the ill-advised political comments he has made in the past few years.

Thus, no book for me, I’ll just keep watching Rev. Graham’s re-runs.

Gary DeShazer, Charlotte