Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.12.15

Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald

At least make it harder on criminals

In response to “Criminals will get hands on ammo too” (Oct. 9 Forum):

Forum writer Alan Dockery’s objection to Jeffrey Zalles’ op-ed column is the typical response to reasonable steps to control our epidemic of gun deaths.

Controlling ammo is a viable step. Only ammo made in the contiguous 48 states would be allowed.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would make and enforce the rules.

Yes, criminals will get ammo, but can’t we at least make it harder and riskier for them?

David Loughran, Indian Trail

Treat gun ownership like we do autos

We should treat gun ownership like car ownership. Gun ownership is a right, but also a responsibility.

What if you had to have a license to own a gun that was obtained after completion of a gun safety course and a criminal and mental background check?

What if guns had to be registered with the government for an annual fee?

If you sold the gun, it would have to be to a licensed gun owner or licensed gun dealer and there would be a “tag transfer.”

How about insurance programs for people who do stupid stuff with guns?

When a little girl gets shot dead for not showing her puppy to a boy in Tennessee, does that sound “sensible” to you?

Kevin McDonald, Concord

Parents, teach kids to respect teacher

In response to “Not about money; put teachers first” (Oct. 7 Forum):

Bravo to Forum writer Karen Porter for her excellent take on what CMS teachers need.

Kudos especially for her bravery in pointing out the most glaring problem – requiring parents and guardians to be held accountable.

It has been way to many generations since parents have taught their children to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

No wonder there is no respect for those in authority. Hold them accountable.

Jon Boyce, Matthews

Way I see it, fix for schools is simple

I know quite a few teachers. Not one has ever complained about salary.

They all complain about the lack of discipline in schools, the difficulty of teaching kids who can barely speak English, and how bad they feel that extra time spent on those kids takes away from others. They complain about the lack of parent participation.

If kids come to school and work hard and their parents help them with homework, they will do well in school.

If school administrations would get the troublemakers out of the schools the environment for learning would be better and teachers would be better able to teach.

It really is that simple.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Let’s get real about illegal immigrants

“Let’s just deport all illegal immigrants; problem solved.” It’s a stump speech often repeated by some Republican presidential candidates.

Really? If we can catch 1,000 illegal immigrants a day, do their paperwork, put them on a ship or plane and send them back – and the country on the other end accepts them – it would only take, say, 10,000 days to complete the task. That’s 27.39 years.

Even if we triple or quadruple our capabilities, it will take five to 10 years.

So, candidates, can we please stick with realistic goals and expectations?

Rob Sheridan, Charlotte

Graham was merely quoting the Bible

In response to “Might want to rethink statue of Rev. Graham” (Oct. 9 Forum):

The Rev. Billy Graham did not appear to be denying anyone anything in my view, but only paraphrasing words written around 60 A.D. by John, a direct quote he heard from Christ: “No one comes to the Father, but through me.”

Barry Blackwood, Indian Trail

Freedom Caucus revels in dysfunction

The chaos among House Republicans is being fomented by the Freedom Caucus.

They care little about governing; their purpose is politicking. Their method is dysfunction, obstruction and shutdowns.

They forced out John Boehner because he was a consensus builder.

The turmoil will have serious consequences for pending legislation, much of which is crucial for the American people.

Obviously, this group doesn’t care.

Joseph J. Salerno, Charlotte

Less confrontation, more compromise

On a bird the right wing and left wing work together to bring up the center.

Why can’t we be more like birds?

Anne Monrad, Mooresville