Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Day: Life is precious, keep middle finger down


Life is precious, keep middle finger down

In response to “My close call with road rage” (Oct. 12 Eric Frazier column):

Eric Frazier, you are exactly correct about giving in to the idiot who bullied you on Eastfield Road. Your life is more precious. This happened to me on my way to South Park. An SUV came so close to my rear, flashed his lights, blowing his horn. I took it for quite awhile. When he finally passed me I gave him the fickle finger of fate. I later began to shake realizing what a big mistake I had made. Life is worth far more than letting a bully get us to this point. In the end you won.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

Protect recreational bikers, too

In response to “Group hopes to inspire more biking to work” (Oct. 11):

While I won’t argue with the validity of efforts to increase bike riding as a viable alternative for getting to work, the more critical need for emphasis is to make it safer for riders who use bikes as a sole means of transportation, as well as for those who would like to use a bike for neighborhood recreation. With more than 800,000 residents in our community, it would seem more prudent to make our residents safe instead of focusing on another path from a new apartment complex to the uptown area.

If we want to sustain Charlotte, we should be focusing on the community as a whole.

Robin Drechsel, Charlotte

Business owners are priority, not workers

In response to “The Reluctant Regulator” (Oct. 11) and related articles:

Mandy Locke is doing a good investigative reporting job and important service to paycheck-to-paycheck North Carolinians. One wonders how the seemingly uncaring Cherie Berry has remained in office so long. Apparently the pro-business executive and legislative branches have no interest in championing the cause of wage-earning citizens. It is a sad commentary on how politicians salute entrepreneurs as “job creators”, but then turn their heads when the “job creators” fail to also be job-payers.

Geoffrey Planer, Gastonia

How would Berry do with no paycheck?

Could Ms. Berry live without a paycheck? Time to retire Ms. Berry and let someone else do the job that you can’t.

Yvonne Sherman, Davidson

Berry got one promotion too many

After reading your article on Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, it appears she has risen to her level of incompetence and should be replaced.

James Dunn, Charlotte

Bill gives polluters free pass; veto it

There’s still time for North Carolinians to protect our state’s clean air and water, and it is a duty to act. House Bill 765 has still not left Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk after being passed by the House. This bill is aptly nicknamed the “Polluter Protection Act” – a pollute-and-tell policy gives polluting industries a free pass on contaminating our air and water, as long as they fess up to the infraction after the fact.

Chichi Zhu, Chapel Hill

Carson right about reacting to shooter

Dr. Ben Carson was criticized by the media for saying, in response to the Oregon shootings, “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me.” The media took his comments totally out of context; in reality, he was absolutely correct.

The three critical elements taught in active shooter scenarios are; first, get out, flee; second, if you can’t run, shelter in place, hide; and finally, if you can’t do either, “take action!” Dr. Carson was right.

Steve Pirotte, Denver, N.C.

I was damned even before breakfast

In response to “Graham was merely quoting the Bible” (Oct. 12 Forum):

Forum Writer Barry Blackwood fails to realize that some of his fellow citizens do not worship the same deity as he. My Bible was written a few thousand years before the one which Graham quotes from. While I have no objection to the statue of Jesus, I do take exception with this divisive quote which condemns me to damnation for eternity. Christ said many other things, most of which were designed to unite us. Use one of those quotes instead.

Robert S. Williams, Concord