Letters to the Editor

Letters of the Day: Should county have removed cross from playground?

Patricia Broderick
Patricia Broderick

County too quick to remove cross

In response to “Public park removes cross” (Oct. 13):

Oh, the tyranny of a single person! I am now offended that one person can cause the removal of an innocent cross on a piece of playground equipment that appears to depict a church.

This would be laughable if it weren’t for the concerted attack on Christianity in a country that is based on Judeo-Christian values.

Patricia S. Broderick, Mooresville

Add Star of David to playhouse too

I’m Catholic and I would not have been offended if the cross had been a Star of David.

To me the Star of David represents overwhelming courage in the face of horrendous evil.

The cross teaches to love one another.

The reason for the park is incomplete without both symbols.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Berry puts business first, not workers

In response to “Skeptical of rules, Berry aids business” (Oct. 13):

Cherie Berry has the wrong title. She is not the Commissioner of Labor. She is the Commissioner of Business.

Peter Lamal, Charlotte

Berry does great job protecting workers

The sensationalized four-part, front-page series on N.C. Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry seems a bit over the top.

Buried on the second page of the third day’s article is what I consider most important about her tenure: During Ms. Berry’s 15 years of service, workplace injuries have declined dramatically – by more than 40 percent!

As I recall, the Observer railed against an earlier labor commissioner for his poor workplace safety record, including the horrific chicken plant fire in Hamlet.

It appears Ms. Berry is accomplishing what most N.C. citizens are concerned about.

Richard A. Vinroot, Charlotte

Voters should’ve ousted Berry long ago

You know what’s sad about the articles on our anti-labor labor commissioner? That the newspaper has been reporting on her actions and inaction concerning worker safety and compensation for years and N.C. voters keep re-electing her, is sad and shameful.

One could make the argument that we deserve what we get, especially when we don’t bother to vote at all.

Sad also is when the governor and candidates for governor don’t make Cherie Berry’s performance a campaign issue.

Morry Alter, Charlotte

Tossing kids out of school no solution

In response to “Way I see it, fix for schools is simple” (Oct. 12 Forum):

The suggestion was made in this Forum letter that school administrators should “get the troublemakers out of the schools.”

Although they are a trouble, every effort should be made to correct the problem, and only in rare cases should a child be tossed out of school.

There are thousands of young “troublemakers” in our country. By contributing to making them outcasts of society we may be producing tomorrow’s adult troublemakers.

Bill Brannon, Davidson

Can’t ignore race in Ohio police shooting

In response to “Reports: Officer’s shooting of boy, 12, was justified” (Oct. 12):

If this had been a 12-year-old Caucasian boy, I bet the decision to shoot would never have occurred.

If this isn’t an act of discrimination against a child of the African-American race, I don’t know what is.

There needs to be further investigation as to why this officer shot to kill so quickly. Perhaps this rookie’s training needs to be examined also.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

It’s not ‘team’ that matters, nation does

Following his decision not to seek the position of House Speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy explained: “It was only going to get worse. You’ve got the debt ceiling coming up, and everything else. This was for the good of the team.”

Why is it you never hear a politician mention what is “for the good of the nation”?

Is McCarthy admitting that the House is not up for the challenges ahead?

Jay Ahuja, Charlotte