Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.01.15

Media feeds negative stereotypes of blacks

In response to “How do we defuse tensions between African-Americans and the police?” (Oct. 30 O-pinion):

Society’s viewpoint is set by the news media which often perpetuate stereotypes like thugs, rappers, athletes and gangstas.

If the media, including the Observer, would present a more realistic description of African-American life, maybe police reactions would be less tense.

Marcus Henry, Reidsville

That bacon you eat impacts many

In response to “I think I’m a bacon science denier” (Oct. 30 Insight):

I disagree with Peter St. Onge and others who believe they harm no one else when they eat bacon.

I bet those who live in rural areas where pig farms pollute the air and water disagree.

I bet the animals cruelly confined in warehouses without sunshine, fresh air and proper medical treatment suffer.

I bet health care costs for our meat-centered diets are shared by consumers.

I bet science knows methane gases from animal farming do more harm to the climate than fossil fuels.

Sarah Dorenfeld, Charlotte

McCrory is failing to protect environment

When Gov. Pat McCrory was mayor, he once shook my hand and told me: “Let me know what I can do for the environment.”

I later told him that House Bill 765 is a polluter’s bill, not a protection bill, but he didn’t listen.

We can see the continuing degradation of our lands, water and air under the McCrory administration, and it is a sad time for North Carolinians that we cannot count on Gov. McCrory’s word of honor.

Ron O. Bryant, Norwood

Here we go again blaming the teacher

In response to “Situation should not have escalated” (Oct. 29 Forum):

The writer is a teacher at The Fletcher School.

Forum writer Rose Rajkowski suggests the S.C. student posed zero harm.

She was flagrantly disregarding school policy. That is harm.

She was disrespectful to her teacher. That is harm.

Other students were disrupted. That is harm.

Teachers may not touch students and often are disciplined for disciplining.

Teachers have been stripped of their authority and then are blamed for not controlling those who are uncontrollable.

Tara Anastasi, Matthews

Discipline with dignity, be reasonable

The writer is a CMS board member.

What kind of example do we set for our youth when they view an adult fiercely yanking a child from her chair and throwing her across the classroom?

As a school system administrator and specialist who worked many years with students experiencing severe behavioral problems, this I know for sure: Basic to discipline is firmness, but it must also be administered with respect, kindness and reasonableness.

Ruby M. Jones, Charlotte

Airport study is key to economic future

In response to “Airport development study approved” (Oct. 28):

Charlotte-Douglas airport is our most important strategic development asset.

It has been nearly 20 years since the initial Airport Strategic Development Plan, which laid the foundation for our current status.

Our newest asset, the NS Intermodal Center, is on track to become a distribution center for over 600,000 containers annually around the world.

Now is the time to examine even greater opportunities for economic growth. Our region is the premier location to become a global hub for international commerce.

John Paul Galles, Charlotte

Let Spellings lead; time will tell her fate

Those who question Margaret Spellings’ education and experience should be reminded that President Obama has never served in the military, worked on Wall Street, been a health care exec, or held a position in foreign relations.

Yet, he’s had major input in each of these areas.

He was elected to “lead.” So was Ms. Spellings. Time will tell her fate.

Kenny Colbert, Huntersville

Many of us don’t see NRA as the bad guy

Many gun control advocates seem to always cite the NRA as the bad guy.

Don’t they realize the NRA is made up of millions of Americans?

It exists only because of the millions of Americans who support it. It’s not an entity unto itself.

I am a retired law enforcement officer and I fully support the NRA.

Paul Zemenz, Sherrills Ford