Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.03.15

Terry Taylor-Allen
Terry Taylor-Allen

Two-party system stifles democracy

In response to “What has 1.8 million mouths but no voice?” (Oct. 30 Taylor Batten column):

Like many unaffiliated voters, I see the two-party system as good for passive politicians awaiting orders from the party apparatus, good for donors hedging their cash on both sides of the aisle, and good for lazy reporters dumbing down campaigns with “horse race” coverage.

For everyone else the two-party system is a civic sickness – and restrictive ballot access is just one symptom. Status quo types don’t like having 1.8 million free thinkers in their midst, much less allowing them to actually get elected!

Terry Taylor-Allen, Charlotte

America remains infected by racism

In response to “Nothing to do with race, again” (Nov. 1 Viewpoint):

Leonard Pitts’ column on the Spring Valley High School incident will, it’s safe to assume, irritate more than a few people, as he often does.

If we are lucky – and work hard – perhaps the American struggles with racism could be completed within a century ... though even that is not at all clear.

In the meantime, we whites will need Leonard Pitts and his colleagues to hold our feet to the fire, rescuing us from our denial and calling us back to the unfinished work of “liberty and justice for all.”

Ralph W. Milligan, Charlotte

Don’t condone violence by cops

In response to “S.C. sheriff shouldn’t have fired deputy” (Oct. 30 Forum):

Methinks David Preston’s defense of the violent deputy’s action with the high school student in Columbia smacks of racism (he “guarantees” that this student will continue to be in trouble with the law).

This kind of thinking, by both everyday citizens and by some members of the law enforcement community, underscores the immediate need for changes in social thinking. Think 1930s Germany, people.

Bob Giliberti, Indian Land, S.C.

Block cellphone signals in classrooms

As the latest unfortunate drama has played out in a South Carolina school, it seems to me that there is a very simple way to deal with cellphones in classrooms: Install cellphone signal disruptors. I have seen them advertised for as low as $120.

Problem solved?

Deb Knapp, Matthews

Cruz wants to duck tough questions

In response to “Furious GOP chairman delays NBC debate deal” (Oct. 31) and related coverage:

Ted Cruz bitterly complains that the debate questioners were biased against him and the rest of the conservatives. His solution? Replace them with the neutral panel of Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity. Now, there’s an unbiased group. Shows where Cruz stands in the political landscape.

John C. Broderick, Charlotte

Columnist’s left-wing bias is showing

In response to “Debates no longer serve real purpose” (Oct. 31 Viewpoint):

Talk about media bias. The columnist’s descriptions of GOP candidates: “Kasich...came off as mildly unhinged,” “Cruz... rant(ed) about the media,” “Carson...looking like he just woke up from a nap.”

Compare that to what she wrote about a focus group: “A young woman said that she had met Clinton at an earlier event, looked her in the eye, shaken her hand. When Clinton told her we are going to do this together, the woman cried.”

Is a look in the eye and a shake of the hand enough for a Democrat to lock in your vote? God help us.

Ed Garland, Charlotte

I’m still hopeful on student assignment

In response to “3 steps CMS should take with a student assignment plan” (Nov. 1 For the Record):

Barry Sherman, Justin Perry and OneMECK don’t understand the principle of Guiding Principles. Our board of education doesn’t need an “outside professional group” to write ours.

Sherman and Perry have given up too quickly. Our board of education is having a great debate.

I’m not at all alarmed that it is taking forever. It’s a tough issue…but not unsolvable.

Bolyn McClung, Pineville