Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.05.15

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

Oh no, not another prickly politician?

In response to “Charlotte Mayor-elect Jennifer Roberts played ‘outside game’ to win” (Nov. 4):

Charlotte mayor-elect Jennifer Roberts said: “The politics of personal destruction were soundly defeated by the politics of expanding opportunity and optimism.”

Really? What “politics of personal destruction”?

Ms. Roberts’ rival, Edwin Peacock, dared to question some of her actions when she served on the county commission. Since when is that off-limits?

I hope her statement was simply a case of exuberant excess and not a thought-out remark that presages yet another prickly politician who considers any questioning or criticism unfair.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Observer just plain wrong about Roberts

In response to “How Roberts can lead the city effectively” (Nov. 4 Editorial):

What an ironic editorial.

Now that the one candidate who built a successful campaign by amassing contacts and support from all over the city has won, Observer editorial writers tell Jennifer Roberts that she needs to be sure to enlist the support of “the public.”

That, I suppose, would be the same “public” that ignored the Observer’s endorsement of Roberts’ opponent and put her in office – the same public whose broad support Roberts had gained in months of intensive campaigning.

After this mayoral race, it will probably be a while before readers rely on the Observer’s editorial section for a balanced perspective on local politics.

John Grooms, Charlotte

Find a way to give teachers a raise too

In response to “12 chancellors get pay raises from 8% to 19%” (Nov. 3):

The UNC system has honored its top leaders with hefty pay raises.

While I don’t begrudge their good fortune, I wonder about the faculty and public school teachers who again have been left out of the equation for higher and competitive pay raises.

The UNC system explanation for the raises called them “market adjustment.”

Wouldn’t it be great if the legislature could use that “market adjustment” analysis to give our public school teachers a meaningful raise.

Lucy Grasty, Charlotte

Make affordable housing a priority

In response to “Mistreatment of homeless is shameful” (Nov. 4 Opinion):

Op-ed columnist Petula Dvorak is right on target and her words hit close to home. There is a great need for more low-income housing in Charlotte.

Walter Saville, Charlotte

Racists come in many colors, not just white

In response to “America remains infected by racism” (Nov. 3 Forum):

I don’t appreciate Forum writer Ralph Milligan painting all whites with the same brush.

“We whites” simply are not all racists, as he implies.

“We humans” are not born with a gene for racism. However, we are all born with a gargantuan propensity for wickedness, which is what racism is – a great evil that comes out of the heart.

Anyone, anywhere, of any skin color can be a racist.

Pamela Overby, Charlotte

Step up; spend on vocational education

Can someone please explain why when we have four full and six partial magnet high schools, we cannot have at least two vocational high schools?

We talk about the gangs in our city, but we do little to change the situation.

You want kids off the streets? Teaching them a trade is their ticket out of poverty and gangs.

You tax us unmercifully for things we don’t need or want. Come on Charlotte, step up. It starts with educating our kids, not with trolleys to nowhere.

Cherry Myers, Charlotte

Cell phones can be lifesavers in schools

In response to “Block cellphone signals in classrooms” (Nov. 3 Forum):

As a parent with one child still in high school, I am horrified that anyone would make such a suggestion.

Cell phones in the classrooms can make the difference between life and death.

I wish that no child would ever be put in the position under such circumstances, but as we have witnessed it unfortunately does happen.

Roseanne Mazzola, Waxhaw