Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.08.15

Constance Kolpitcke
Constance Kolpitcke

Examine university athletic salaries also

In response to “The trouble with UNC’s big pay raises” (Nov. 6 Editorial):

Thank you for keeping us informed about the status of our educational system with its hypocrisy of performance and reward.

However, after hearing that a high school in Texas spent $58 million – yes, million – on a new football stadium, perhaps the Observer could do an in-depth inquiry on university athletic staff salaries and overhead in proportion to their fiscal and educational contribution?

We seem to have lost our perspective as to what the educational and fitness needs of our society are.

J.H. Stanley, Kannapolis

Hope to see Peacock lead city some day

Edwin Peacock faced an uphill battle in a city with a majority of Democratic voters. But it’s clear he received strong support from unaffiliated voters.

Jennifer Roberts won because she is a Democrat in a city of mostly Democratic voters, and that’s fine. She deserves a chance to lead, and if she does a good job she should get our support going forward.

But if things do not go well, we as a city might want to consider giving Mr. Peacock a chance to lead at some point.

He is not an ideologue Republican. He is a pragmatic leader with common sense ideas who has shown a willingness to work together with Democrats for the good of the city.

Here’s to you and the good fight, Mr. Peacock.

Jonathan Ramsey, Charlotte

Taxpayers don’t owe Graeme Keith a thing

In response to “McCrory held meeting to extend donor’s contracts” (Oct. 31) and related articles:

Gov. Pat McCrory what are you thinking?

The voters and taxpayers do not owe Graeme Keith Sr. a darn thing.

So what if he contributed $12,000 to McCrory’s campaign. It doesn’t justify favors.

Since the prison officials stated that we haven’t saved any money through the private contract, let the state employees resume maintenance.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

Let debate hosts screen candidates

In response to “Insults win debates; let’s shake things up” (Nov. 1 Forum):

A Forum writer suggests presidential candidates be tested on their knowledge in all areas pertinent to being chief executive.

This is an excellent idea that should be adopted by all media who want to host presidential debates.

Taking the test should be a requirement for any candidate who wants the free publicity a debate provides.

Those who aren’t willing to show their competence by taking the test should not waste the time of debate viewers.

Such a screening system would eliminate unqualified candidates and all their needless advertising.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

Push lawmakers to pass this legislation

In response to Eric Frazier “Millions of children are needlessly dying. Here’s how we can stop it” (Nov. 2 Opinion):

Saving the lives of millions of children and mothers sounds like a no-brainer, especially when we already know what to do to save the vast majority of them.

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act is currently in committee in the House and the Senate.

If we contact our representatives and senators this life-saving legislation can move forward!

Willie Dickerson, Snohomish, Wash.

No room to criticize on balanced coverage

In response to “Observer just plain wrong about Roberts” (Nov. 5 Forum):

Forum writer John Grooms questions the Observer on a balanced perspective on local politics.

I believe, sir, that you were the editor in chief of Creative Loafing Charlotte for quite some time.

What do you know of a “balanced perspective on local politics”?

Bill Gorman, Charlotte

No student needs a cell phone in class

In response to “Cell phones can be lifesavers in schools” (Nov. 5 Forum):

I have had children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in schools since the 1950s.

There is no reason for a child to have a cell phone in school.

It is distracting to them and to other students. Too many of them text and play games while they are supposed to be listening.

All teachers have a phone or a computer in their room and can be reached at all times.

I am quite sure that if there were a “life or death” situation the teacher would be able to handle it.

Jacqueline A. Simpson, Charlotte