Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.10.15

Librarians open worlds of wonder

In response to “Are librarians going the way of the milkman?” (Nov. 8):

The loss of librarians/media specialists in public schools is disheartening and so short-sighted. One of my most treasured memories was of the school librarian putting the most magical, perfect-fit book in my hands. I never forgot her or that book because it opened up a world of wonder and delight that has never failed me through all the dips and bumps of my life.

As much as we tout the importance of reading, if there are no school librarians, who are on the front lines and in the perfect position to inspire, who will ignite that spark, that joy of reading?

Elise Devlin, Charlotte

Librarians can drive student achievement

The writer is a teacher librarian at Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences in Charlotte.

We are not only librarians – we are also certified teachers. Unfortunately most CMS school libraries are woefully understaffed and our time is consumed by non-instructional duties. Bring back media assistants, who can manage the clerical aspects of running a library, so that we can truly focus on our north star: reading and information literacy. Our impact on student achievement will be hugely multiplied.

Katy Hill, Charlotte

Love or hate him, Rucho true to beliefs

More than ever before, politicians and the media are proving that politics is a contact sport, sometimes more gruesome than cage fighting.

Look at the Nov. 6 Opinion pages and you can see political cartoons of Sen. Bob Rucho, sometimes justifiable and sometimes unfairly, pummeled into the ground.

Whether Rucho was right or wrong in his beliefs, unlike so many of today’s “whatever it takes to win” politicians, he was true to his beliefs.

Love Rucho or hate him, he was relatively honest; and in today’s world that really is rare.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Let center’s outreach spread outside Meck

In response to “New Center to focus on social justice, Holocaust” (Nov. 2):

Being from a Holocaust family, I was grateful to learn about Queens University’s new center for social justice advocacy.

I hope those who staff it will be mindful that the small number of Jewish residents in surrounding counties would appreciate outreach programs and services actively communicated to them so they can be included.

Children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors want to become better informed and make this a better, safer place for their families and future generations at risk of suffering social injustices.

John Robich, Rockingham

Glad you keep an eye on government

I want to thank you for your excellent articles recently on Graeme Keith Sr. and his political involvement in obtaining prison maintenance contracts.

Without your diligence, the public would never know what is happening in state and local government.

Pepper Hair, Charlotte

A foolproof way to win next election

Republicans complain they are badly outnumbered, but only 22.9 percent of registered Republicans voted in the mayoral election. Democrats feel they are being discriminated against and are held back from getting registered to vote, but only 14.5 of those registered voted.

They can only blame themselves. Either party could win in a landslide if they would just exercise their vote. Lazy complainers in both parties?!

David C. Blanton, Charlotte

Don’t trust Congress to mandate savings

In response to “We must save more for retirement” (Nov. 9 Opinion):

Have we not learned? The last thing we need is a federally mandated savings plan accumulating money that Congress will steal and spend as it has the Social Security Trust Fund.

Any such plan must be done state by state to have any chance for integrity, safety and success.

John V. Doyle, Matthews

Panthers shouldn’t litter with balloons

While the tribute to members of our Armed Forces Sunday at the Panthers/Packers game was quite spectacular, I’m disappointed with Panthers management for their lack of concern about our environment with the release of hundreds of red, white and blue balloons. The negative effects on the environment and our wildlife populations should have been taken into consideration before allowing this “celebratory” littering to occur.

Michael Burkhard, Cornelius