Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.18.15

Jerry Jernigan
Jerry Jernigan

Don’t cave in to fear and xenophobia

In response to “McCrory: Don’t send Syrian refugees to North Carolina” (Nov. 17):

I am deeply disappointed and frustrated at our governor’s stance – and the similar stances of governors in other states – on non-acceptance of Syrian refugees into our state.

Yes, work with the federal government to confirm background checks. But don’t cave in to fear and xenophobia.

Don’t turn your back on this country’s founding principles and thereby give ISIS another victory in their demented jihad.

Jerry Jernigan, Charlotte

McCrory protecting this state’s citizens

I strongly support Gov. Pat McCrory’s effort to keep Syrian refugees out of North Carolina.

He is discharging his duty to protect the citizens of our state.

Clearly, the governor considers this of much greater importance than the irrational altruism of placing foreigners from a wildly different culture, language and religion in our midst.

J. Paige Straley, Hickory

Time to rethink open borders policy

I like to think of myself as a compassionate human being regarding the struggle of immigrants who want a better life.

But in light of the recent Paris attacks my position on accepting refugees is hardening.

Until all the technologies embodied in what we call intelligence are able to differentiate the good guys from the bad guys, we should err on the side of caution regarding our “open borders” policy.

Dave Parkinson, Concord

Wise to downplay Graham’s bigotry

In response to “Graham blames attacks on Islam, sends team to Paris” (Nov. 16):

Thank you for publishing Franklin Graham’s comments on page 5A of Monday’s Observer.

The lack of prominence granted from a credible media outlet is appropriate as Mr. Graham’s consistent derision of Islam is not news.

It’s recycled bigotry and stands in stark contrast to the words of He whom he professes to follow, the Prince of Peace.

Stephen J. Gibbons, Davidson

Shelton could help solve truck issue

In response to “McCrory donor targeted truckers” (Nov. 15):

Vineyard owner Charlie Shelton says in this article: “The only way you’re going to solve it is giving tickets until you get this problem solved.”

May I suggest another way: With his many resources of land and money, perhaps Mr. Shelton could provide a place for truckers to park and sleep that is off the interstate ramps and not “unsightly” to his exit.

Instead of using resources of the highway patrol to enforce the law, it would seem a practical way to improve the safety and trash that Mr. Shelton objects to.

Karen Callahan, Charlotte

Leave kids out of school fund raising

In response to “This fundraiser goes too far” (Nov. 12):

In the late 1980s/early ’90s I was annoyed by the constant pressure on elementary students to sell overpriced items to family, friends and neighbors.

Schools knew full well that many of the students were from financially struggling families and neighborhoods that could not afford these items.

Apparently fund-raising “contests” continue, with less financially able students unable to fully participate.

Like it or not, it is one more way that schools marginalize students.

There are more successful ways to teach students the rewards of hard work and the benefits of contributing to their school community.

Leave the kids out of competitive fund raising.

Gay Jordan, Charlotte

Cam’s celebrations an embarrassment

In response to “Do you think you can dance?” (Nov. 17 Sports) and related articles:

We are very proud of the Carolina Panthers.

Unfortunately, quarterback Cam Newton continues to embarrass us with his childish and unprofessional antics on the field, beginning with his lack of respect during the national anthem to taunting of the opposing teams.

He is a talented athlete, but should take some lessons in proper behavior from many of his teammates.

Grow up, Newton.

Alice Clark, Charlotte