Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.02.15

Allan Starnes
Allan Starnes

Make Providence Rd. bridge a landmark

I have been a resident of Charlotte for 60 years, and drive Providence Road through Myers Park four or five times a week.

The bridge over Briar Creek is an embarrassment and dangerous.

As an entry point into one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in our city, it is disgraceful.

The City did wonders with the Sugar Creek Greenway; the Providence Road bridge over Briar Creek deserves the same attention.

Allan Starnes, Charlotte

151 world leaders agree: Save planet

In response to “Leaders gather to try to save Earth” (Dec. 1):

Wow. All those world leaders (from 151 countries!) and titans of industry (Bill Gates!) gathered in Paris to address climate change…

They sure will have egg on their face when they realize this climate change stuff is all a hoax!

Meanwhile, in reality, it’s time to do something to clean up our planet and help secure our world for our kids and their kids.

So, can we stop with the ridiculous claims and knee-jerk opposition to “progress” and get on with the tasks at hand?

Chris Porier, Charlotte

I long for a president who’s a world leader

In response to Tom Toles’ American values editorial cartoon (Nov. 30 Opinion):

It is ignorant to conclude American values hinge upon the acceptance of these specific refugees.

Compassion better utilized would be to ensure safety in their homeland.

If political cartoonist Tom Toles is looking for a value to mourn, I suggest he consider the abandonment of world leadership by this president, a value of consequence for everyone in the free world.

Jim Nuccio, Charlotte

It’ll take bombs and troops to defeat ISIS

In response to “Pay attention to what ISIS wants” (Dec. 1 Forum):

Forum writer David Hawk suggests that negotiation and diplomacy will work better than bombs in persuading ISIS to cease and desist.

He might want to ask the families of victims killed in the twin towers, the flight over Lockerbie, the USS Cole bombing, or the recent Paris terrorist attacks if that’s true.

Whimsical views like Hawk’s don’t stop fanatics. Bombs help reduce their numbers. Ground troops will defeat ISIS by taking their territory.

Matt Brown, Fort Mill, S.C.

Glad to see senators Apodaca, Rucho go

In response to “GOP’s enforcer in Senate won’t run again” (Dec. 1):

I am confident that I am not the only lifelong conservative Republican happy to see Sens. Tom Apodaca and Bob Rucho go.

You are leaving this state in a mess.

The education system is one of the worst in the U.S., teachers are among the poorest paid, and our roads are deteriorating.

Tax increases are the norm, while legitimate benefits for unemployment are reduced.

Seemingly, you were too busy passing billboard legislation to take care of teachers, roads and N.C. laborers.

I hope we are able to elect some honest, sincere states-people who will attempt to do the work of the people, and not become so enthralled with their own importance that they lose sight of the mission.

Ken Randall, Matthews

N.C. lawmakers gave my child options

I am beyond grateful that N.C. lawmakers expanded the Opportunity Scholarship program in the budget this year.

My 7-year-old daughter, Nariah, was born premature and an undiagnosed fluid build-up in her ears left her nearly deaf and delayed her speech.

Her struggles in overcrowded preschool and kindergarten classrooms motivated me to seek out a different option.

I determined the best fit was a private school, but couldn’t afford to send her.

Thanks to the investment in the Opportunity Scholarship Program she is on her way to a place of endless possibility.

Janet Nunn, Charlotte

I’ll miss Sorensen’s writing, his emails

I felt sick when I read that Tom Sorensen is retiring from the Observer.

I had never watched a football game until the Panthers. I can tell you that Tom really does answer emails – even ones with really dumb football questions from football virgins.

I wish him the best as he goes into the next chapter in his life.

Sheila Burleson, Pineville