Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.03.15

Ed Stone
Ed Stone

Charlotte taxpayers also fund sports

In response to “You’re a student not in to sports? Too bad” (Dec. 2 Editorial):

Observer editors cite the burden of paying for sports placed on students who may have little interest in them.

Can we expect a companion editorial entitled “You’re a Charlottean not in to sports? Too bad”?

The majority of Charlotteans who subsidize baseball, basketball and football here never enter a stadium, but the expenditure is defended as a necessary amenity for a “world class” city.

If that logic justifies heaping taxes on working families in Charlotte, why doesn’t it hold for heaping athletic fees on students at universities?

Ed Stone, Charlotte

Guns are the real threat here at home

In response to “ISIS is the problem, not angry Americans” (Dec. 1 Forum):

I don’t want to be beheaded, but neither do I want to die in a car accident or be killed by a white man with a gun, both of which are far more likely than being killed by a terrorist.

To conservatives like Forum writer Jim Cherry, facts are ignored to minimize a real threat, while fear is used to elevate a small one.

In the last five months white guys with guns have killed in Roseburg, Ore. (9), Charleston (9), and Colorado Springs (3).

There were no beheadings in the U.S.

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte

I yearn for more leaders like Bowles

In response to “Bowles on deficits, the Clintons and UNC” (Nov. 28):

If North Carolina had 100 men and women the quality of former UNC System Presidents Bill Friday and Erskine Bowles serving today in the U.S. Senate, Congress, as governor, and in the N.C. legislature, this state would be back on a course for growth, educational quality, and civil political life.

I yearn for a comeback of statesmen like Friday and Bowles.

Walt de Vries, Wilmington, N.C.

Dismayed by left’s response to attacks

I am struck by the contrast between the left’s responses to the Paris and Colorado Springs attacks.

The former brought out a display of empathy toward Muslims; the latter a display of antipathy toward pro-life Americans.

To judge by the reactions to Colorado Springs, many on the left really do regard Americans who oppose abortion – almost all of whom do so peaceably – as their enemy.

Gary Ludwick, Huntersville

GOP rhetoric, vitriol feeds discontent

In response to “Planned Parenthood: Long a lightning rod in culture wars” (Nov. 30) and related articles:

Another terrorist attack at home...

The GOP denies that its messages of hate and its edited undercover tapings result in deaths and destruction. The blame is put on the mentally unstable.

The same messages promote hate and fear in, not only the unstable, but the uninformed.

Joan Craig, Charlotte

Moderates like me seek sane GOP choice

The American Muslim voting bloc may be small enough for the GOP front-runners to proceed with Islam-bashing without fear of political repercussions, but do not discount the sensibilities of the quiet, fair-minded moderate voters who find the rhetoric disqualifying.

Many of us would love a sane GOP choice in the general election, but our consciences won’t let us vote for hate.

Bryan Adams, Charlotte

Millions like me agree with Trump

Fact: There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country.

Fact: They broke the law.

Millions of Americans agree with Donald Trump – the future Mr. President.

Fact: The more the media try to push Mr. Trump away, the more I want to vote for him.

Shawn R. Jackson, Charlotte

Light up Charlotte skyline Panthers blue

In response to “Newton undefeated, ignoring pressure” (Dec. 2) and related articles:

It would be so grand to see the Charlotte skyline “Panthers blue” to celebrate the 11-0 record of the Carolina Panthers.

The businesses in downtown Charlotte could simply replace white lights with blue lights.

Beverly Williams, Charlotte