Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.04.15

Mark Estep
Mark Estep

Congress, do your job, tighten gun laws

In response to “14 killed in massacre at social services site” (Dec. 3):

We hear about being on the “no fly” list and yet being able to buy a firearm.

This is a congressional problem. They ought to get off their seats and address this problem.

Come on folks, this is why you are in charge. Do your job.

Bob Burroughs, Charlotte

Obama’s comments lacked judgment

Before the reasons for this tragic shooting are known, President Obama went before the cameras to promote his political agenda of gun control.

If the perpetrators are terrorists, there is no legislation that would have likely prevented these fanatics from getting and using guns.

Speaking without knowing all the facts in this horrible incident places our president beyond the pale of exercising sound judgment.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Irrational resistance to stronger gun laws

Horrific gun violence has permeated every facet of our lives as American citizens.

Still, there remains irrational resistance to common-sense gun safety laws, including vigorous background checks and a strong national database for gun and ammunition purchases.

Anyone in this country who applies for a mortgage is subject to vigorous scrutiny.

Anyone who receives health care coverage must submit to vigorous scrutiny to receive benefits.

How many more times do we have to hear of these unspeakable tragedies before we stand up and demand some common-sense action and stand up to the gun lobby bullies?

Mary Beth Reynolds, Charlotte

In defense of Gov. McCrory, his layoff

In response to “McCrory’s ’88 layoff was short-lived” (Dec. 3):

I met the governor years ago while we were both working two jobs trying to make ends meet. I also remember the layoffs Duke Energy made.

I can tell you firsthand that he was devastated.

It does not matter if it was three days, three weeks or three years. He lost his job.

And to make an issue out of how long he was laid off is insignificant!

But I guess “that’s politics”!

Mark Estep, Charlotte

Focus on education, not on billboards

In response to “Is CMS getting short end on funds?” (Dec. 3):

Thank you Gov. Pat McCrory for all your and your fellow Republicans’ work to give us an unobstructed view of roadside billboards.

Too bad our next generations won’t be able to read them.

John Walsh, Charlotte

‘Road diet’ is the last thing this city needs

In response to “After cyclist’s death, residents want safer road” (Dec. 3):

While I am sorry the cyclist died, I disagree that a “road diet” is a good option for busy roads.

The problem is that there simply are not enough through-roads in this city.

Charlotte needs to keep all its existing lanes to deal with a rapidly increasing population.

Bicycle program director Jordan Moore said of Parkwood Avenue: “It’s a four-lane highway cutting through people’s front yards.”

Would he rather there be a two-lane road in constant gridlock and people blowing their horns at all hours?

Eric Cable, Charlotte

Take a more humane approach on N. Tryon

In response to “North End Partners sees move as way to help homeless, redevelopment” (Dec. 1):

To those who want the homeless people gone from North Tryon Street: Yes, you’re right. They shouldn’t be there.

Instead, let’s move them into housing with supportive services, a move which is both less expensive and more humane than anything else we’ve tried.

And if the facilities they use at the Men’s Shelter and Urban Ministry are an “eyesore,” let’s improve them, both for the people who use them and for our community.

Charlotte has the civic pride and the resources to accomplish this. Let’s do it.

Phyllis Bertke, Charlotte