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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.06.15

Martha Whitfield
Martha Whitfield

Note to my friends about their guns

To my friends who own guns: This is not about outlawing guns; it’s about keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Read the proposed bill. It keeps guns from people who are not allowed to fly on planes, it extends background checks.

I am not against you owning a gun. I trust you. But all of us in the middle, the majority, can unite and tell Congress to stand for what’s right and to protect us from extremists on both sides of this issue.

Pass sane gun laws. Fund mental health programs.Tell a senator how you feel.

Martha Whitfield, Charlotte

Obama focus on gun control misguided

After the San Bernardino shootings our president zeroed in on gun control, not terrorist actions.

We don’t need gun control, we need an administration dedicated to keeping America free, safe and strong – not weakening it so it is vulnerable to terrorist actions!

Sheila W. Evans, Charlotte

Congress, act now to protect public safety

Enough hand-wringing and platitudes about this horrible tragedy.

It is time for Congress to pass meaningful legislation to prevent gun purchases by the mentally ill.

It is also way past time to plug the gun show loophole in the Brady Bill. All gun purchases should require a background check.

It would be really nice if our leaders in Congress decided to do something now to protect the public safety, as opposed to bowing to special interests such as the NRA.

To quote the Dec. 3 N.Y. Daily News headline: “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

Wesley McLeod, Charlotte

Irony in Pitts’ ‘wholly clean’ argument

In response to “Playing the blame game on mass shootings” (Dec. 3 Opinion):

It is a wonder that a thinker like Leonard Pitts Jr. does not see the irony in writing this sentence:

“If you create an environment where violence against some person or group seems righteous – even if you don’t explicitly call for that violence – are your hands wholly clean when the violence comes?”

Is he writing about Republicans or the Planned Parenthood abortion factories?

Greg Joseph, Charlotte

Election process favors the flamboyant

We have developed a system for electing presidents that favors the most flamboyant candidates, skilled at avoiding certain questions and blasting opponents with zingers that often contain little fact.

If we elect a loud, supremely confident extrovert for president, he has to be one who knows how to hire excellent nerds to develop policy in: finance, business, military, foreign policy, education, energy, tax, welfare, etc.

He is not equipped to do these things himself!

So, don’t listen to what the candidate says he’s going to do. Judge him by who you think he will hire to do the real detail work of government!

Arch Wakefield, Tega Cay, S.C.

Military action failed once, and will again

In response to “It’ll take bombs and troops to defeat ISIS” (Dec. 2 Forum):

Forum writer Matt Brown believes that bombs help reduce the number of fanatics in the Middle East.

In fact, bombings and drone assassinations kill more civilians than extremists and serve as recruiting propaganda for ISIS here and abroad.

Experience shows that it is much easier to conquer than to govern.

President George W. Bush proclaimed the Iraq mission accomplished in 2003. Insurgency and terrorism has mushroomed since then – including ISIS.

Military action failed to bring stability then and it will fail again as U.S. special forces are being returned to Iraq.

Joe Burton, Raleigh

Brookshire Freeway exits need fixing now

If something isn’t changed at the Brookshire Freeway exits on I-485 during the afternoon rush hour traffic, there’s going to be a bad wreck.

There are times the traffic backs up far enough and causes people to pull over in the emergency lane for the exit.

Albert Hedspeth, Charlotte

A random act of kindness at Goodwill

Thank you to the gentleman who on Thursday handed cash to the clerk at the Pineville Goodwill and asked her to use it beginning with the next customer until it was gone.

And thank you to that cashier who honored his request.

A true Merry Christmas to each of you.

Linda Wyatt, Charlotte