Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.08.15


More gun laws won’t solve our problem

In response to “Irrational resistance to stronger gun laws” (Dec. 4 Forum):

The writer’s comparison of background checks involved in buying a house with a specific constitutional right to own and bear arms is ignorant at best and dangerous at worst.

One is a business decision and the other a specified constitutional right. How long must we hear from these “Band-Aid” liberals espousing gun control for all of America’s ills when enforcement of existing gun laws, addressing mental illness, poverty and family values is the only true answer.

David Stout Jr., Davidson

Guns aren’t new, violence in media is

In response to “A day of living and dying in America” (Dec. 4 Insight):

While stating that a lack of federal gun control is the primary cause of violent killings, the Observer advertises for 14 films listed as having strong violence, intense violence, extreme sequences of violence, horror violence and disturbing violence.

A society indoctrinated with constant violence will find a way to commit violence with or without guns!

Jay Howard, Mooresville

Why not outlaw automatic weapons?

I realize that gun control is a very divisive, emotional subject. I am not proposing taking away hunters’ rifles or a person’s handgun.

But will someone please explain to me why we allow the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons? Is there any use for them besides enabling someone to kill a lot of people very rapidly?

Catherine Sullivan, Rock Hill

No guns for those on nation’s No-Fly list

By voting to allow suspected terrorists on the No-Fly lists to purchase weapons in America, our two senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, are telling terrorists that they can come to our nation to buy guns. In my mind this is an act of treason.

Please vote these gun nuts out of office.

Stephen Jones, Charlotte

Gun owners should back tougher laws

In response to “Let my partner carry a gun on campus to protect himself” (Dec. 4 Opinion):

Peter McClelland made a great case for allowing his partner to carry a concealed weapon, discussing the extensive gun training they went through. But for all of his indignation that his partner wasn’t permitted to carry a gun, there wasn’t a single word of support for requiring that training for all gun owners and other reasonable measures of gun control.

If he is truly concerned about his partner’s safety, then how about sparing a bit of that anger for the lawmakers and lobbyists who allow people to legally own assault rifles and other military weapons that are used in the attacks he described?

Steve Larson, Charlotte

Osteen is preaching a false gospel

In response to “Osteen talks hope, success, Elevation Church” (Nov. 30):

Joel Osteen’s message is all about “me.” The Gospel is about serving God.

Micah 6:8 says it best: “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Shame on App State faculty members

In response to “App State faculty raise concerns about UNC president Spellings (Dec. 4 Charlotteobserver.com):

The App State faculty are calling for the firing of President Margaret Spellings, and she hasn’t even started work yet. This explains a lot about where the problems on college campuses originate, and why so much of this sounds like childish whining.

James B. Hall, Charlotte

Must arts reviews be politically correct?

In response to “‘Magic of Christmas’ often provides what title promises” (Dec. 5)

Lawrence Toppman’s review is both puzzling and disturbing. Why does Mr. Toppman point out that some Christmas songs were written or composed by Jews? That’s a well-known fact; it is not relevant to the quality of the performance.

Mr. Toppman closes his review with a plea for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra to perform Hanukkah and Kwanzaa tunes as well. Is the Observer so politically correct that it will now be admonishing arts organizations for being insufficiently inclusive?

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte