Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.10.15

Bill Brannon
Bill Brannon

Trump’s right to try to stop terrorism

The 2001 terrorist attack destroyed the World Trade Center towers and damaged the Pentagon, with a total loss of life of 2,977 Americans.

The Pearl Harbor attack killed 2,403 Americans, which resulted in a declaration of war.

While Donald Trump’s suggestion that Muslims be banned from entering the USA is controversial, there is an urgency for something to be done as the spread of terrorism all over the world has grown progressively worse over these 14-plus years.

Bill Brannon, Davidson

Don’t forgo freedoms for a celeb’s promise

Constitutional democracy is what millions of American veterans have paid the full cost of their lives to protect.

Hopefully we still have enough voters who understand and value that connection.

Those who would give up freedom for a celebrity’s promise of safety deserve neither freedom nor safety.

L.C. Coonse, Granite Falls

Accept Syrians, but train them as soldiers

While I support aiding political refugees, I do question the fact that they are abandoning their country rather than staying and fighting for the freedom they want, while expecting the U.S. to send its soldiers and money to fight.

I would suggest that we train the Syrian men and women who come to us to become soldiers and use them to staff the fight for their own country.

Let them earn the freedom they seek.

William S. Carter, Charlotte

I expect more from Muslim community

I don’t believe that no one in the San Bernardino Muslim community knew, or at least suspected, Syed Farook was a radical extremist with jihad intentions.

Still, no one spoke up and now 14 innocent people are dead.

The Muslim community has to take some responsibility for that.

If only the Muslim community would denounce Islamic terrorism with the same fervor they use to display their anger at Donald Trump, maybe there would be less criticism of Islam in general.

Richard F. Martin, Charlotte

Can’t control fanatics, but can control guns

I guess I missed the call for the president to bomb or otherwise wipe-out all white supremacists after the shooting of nine people in a Charleston church, or bomb all anti-abortion fanatics after the killing of three people and wounding of nine in Colorado Springs.

How were these people radicalized?

By listening to Christian ministers and church leaders advocating the killing of abortion providers? Or to presidential candidates rail against Planned Parenthood to increase their poll numbers?

A fanatic is a fanatic is a fanatic.

We can’t control fanatics; we can and should control weapons of war.

C.G. Kilburn, Pageland, S.C.

Common ground on gun, voting rights

It is understandable for gun enthusiasts to stand firm on the U.S. Constitution in decrying any additional gun laws.

It is not understandable that these same people will deny a person’s constitutional right to vote if that person doesn’t have a picture ID.

The right to free speech and to vote are the most important rights we have.

Without those, guns won’t help.

Steve Huie, Kannapolis

Mayor must also address taxes, fees

In response to “Officially, Mayor Roberts” (Dec. 8):

It is a sad state of affairs when we elect a new mayor and one of her principal goals is nondiscrimination in the LGBT community.

And another goal is to set up some committee to study after-school programs, the responsibility of the county commissioners and school board.

She did not mention high fees and taxes, or excessive regulations on business owners – issues important to large numbers of Charlotteans.

Voters need to wake up. If we continue to elect ultra-liberal politicians, we will end up exactly like Chicago, Detroit and other cities that have been run by Democrats for years.

Elton Shoemaker, Charlotte

Great park! But no playground for kids?

In response to “First Ward Park opens” (Dec. 9):

The opening of First Ward Park impressed me with its beauty and the creativity of the fountains and concrete benches.

It is a delightful place for events and will surely spark development.

But where is the playground? Being across from ImaginOn, I expected one.

The children of the center city now have two premier parks with fountains and concrete to climb on, but no safe play equipment.

Our children deserve better!

Deb Park, Charlotte