Letters to the Editor

Letter to editor: Why no photo of white suspect in crime?

Amber Johnson Logan
Amber Johnson Logan

Today’s power brokers need a nudge

In response to “Can CEOs ride to Eastland’s rescue?” (Dec. 10 Editorial) and related articles:

Good piece. I hope it will give a nudge to the power brokers in town.

Members of The Group had a vested interest in Charlotte, while today’s CEOs must answer to non-local corporate entities.

The Group was actually more visionary than clubby, with a charge to grow our city in the best ways.

Each member represented a powerful segment of Charlotte’s business community, including former Observer publisher Rolfe Neill, who is a grand critical thinker.

Marjorie Anderson, Charlotte

Eastland: Another reason to consolidate

This political tennis match between the city and county regarding Eastland Mall clearly makes the case for combining city/county governments into one entity.

The waste and overlap is inexcusable.

We should be striving to pool simple capital, as well as intellectual capital, in a unified manner. Instead, we allow two parallel governing bodies to shadowbox as they eagerly protect their respective turf.

As they used to say in the service: Keep it simple, stupid.

Charles A. Newton, Charlotte

Heed lessons of Texas toll road

In response to “Mayors hit road to see toll project” (Dec. 9):

The writer is a WidenI77.org volunteer.

The big difference on Fort Worth’s North Tarrant Express, which Cornelius Mayor Chuck Travis and Davidson Mayor John Woods visited, is that there are several parallel roads as alternates to alleviate congestion. And, there are exits to local businesses.

Mayors Travis and Woods, please listen to your taxpayers and businesses who’ve researched the I-77 toll plan for years.

This is not just about road construction and traffic flow. It will result in a loss of businesses.

Connie Evans, Mooresville

Why no photo of white suspect?

In response to “Woman arrested on sex charges” (Dec. 11):

It is no secret that the media impact our impression of who the criminals are in our communities.

Generally, we are fed a steady diet of brown faces accused of petty crimes and confrontations while whites accused of large-scale corruption, systematic theft, and crimes against children are often reported without photos and far from the front pages.

Case in point: Kim Marie Latterner, a woman in a position of trust, is accused of 11 counts of statutory rape against a child and this is reported on the back page – without a photo.

As hard as the Observer staff works to provide fair reporting I am often disappointed by this pattern.

Amber Johnson Logan, Charlotte

Trump comments lead to tough choice

As a naturalized American citizen I take the privilege to vote very seriously.

It is with sadness that I come to the realization that I may have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in which case I sadly will abstain.

Carmen Hoover, Rock Hill

I find no fault with Trump’s suggestion

The couple who killed 14 people in San Bernardino were not on a terrorist watch list.

It’s unclear if they had ties to a terrorist organization, but they were Muslim.

Considering that many terrorist acts around the world have been done by people claiming to act in the name of Islam, I don’t see any reason for all the outrage over Donald Trump’s proposal to halt the entry of Muslims into the U.S. until we can devise a method to distinguish the good ones from the bad.

Until we can, it is the president’s duty to protect us against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Michael Mezquida, Charlotte

Trump out to destroy American values

New word and definition: Trumpacide – Making America great again by advocating the destruction of American values.

Donald Trump is proof that the Peter Principle is alive and well.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Enough with the PC holiday greetings

Why is it we must withhold our beliefs, whatever they may be, to be politically correct?

A Christmas tree was created as a Christmas tree, never called a holiday tree. Just like a menorah isn’t called a holiday menorah.

Get over yourself if you are offended by someone saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever else. “Merry” and “happy” are nice words, so why is this world trying to misconstrue everything into being offensive?

Morgan Whitley, Charlotte