Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.16.15

Julie Tuggle
Julie Tuggle

Eiselt quick to throw money at crime

In response to “Eiselt has ideas for making city safer” (Dec. 14):

City Council member Julie Eiselt is yet another politician who wants to throw money at crime without thorough analysis.

I suspect good employment opportunities and stronger gun control would help.

As a long time Charlotte resident, I would say we already have a well-trained and equipped police force.

And, as population increases so will the tax revenues to pay for additional officers as needed to maintain the ratio of law enforcement to private citizens.

Norman Jameson, Charlotte

Get out and meet some Muslims

In response to “Ban Trump suggests might save U.S. lives” (Dec. 13 Forum):

When a Christian commits an act of violence the religion is not condemned, nor should it be.

The same should be taken into account when a Muslim commits an act of violence; you do not condemn Islam.

Forum writer Tripp Cherry said he cannot tell the difference between a radical Muslim and a law-abiding one.

It’s rather simple – look at their behavior, acts of worship, and their deeds. Sit and talk with a Muslim.

These are some of the acts you can do to help you better understand the person who is law-abiding.

Roscoe Trotman, Mint Hill

Make affirmative action class-based

In response to Eric Frazier “No affirmative action guilt trip for me” (Dec. 14 Opinion):

Eric Frazier, you need not take a guilt trip for admittance into Columbia due to affirmative action.

Even if you or any other black student had to struggle to graduate, odds are they are still more successful than if they had attended a second-tier public university.

I believe these blacks are better for the struggle, and I think affirmative action can continue to serve black candidates – but as a class-based program, instead of race-based.

This adjustment would also help eliminate the bias against blacks who receive affirmative action admission because preference would be based on class instead of by race.

But can we make a deal? No affirmative action guilt for you, if you’ll drop the white privilege guilt trip for me!

Julie Tuggle, Charlotte

Decisions should be based on merit

Despite egregious past injustices and the ugly “persistence of the race factor,” I think it would be best to just have a system that provides equal opportunity for all based on merit, rather than one that denies an opportunity to a candidate with superior qualifications because he/she is white.

Affirmative action would be appropriate in case of a virtual tie.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

Canada offers Trump a lesson on Muslims

Donald Trump is insecure. He hides behind imaginary walls to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the U.S., as well as declaring a ban against Muslims coming here too.

Both are empty solutions.

He should take lessons from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who without a second thought welcomed immigrants to Canada.

Now, there is someone who faces change without fear.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Replace Obama now, don’t wait until 2017

In response to “Obama vows to hit ISIS harder,” (Dec. 15):

Last April I wrote a letter, published in The Observer Forum, urging the president to resign, since this country cannot wait until 2017 for a “real” president to replace him.

Sadly my warning about this incompetent president was ignored.

Since then the massacres in Paris and San Bernardino took place, both of which are directly attributed to Obama’s cluelessness and inactions.

Obama is possibly the greatest national security threat ever to occupy the White House and must be replaced immediately by a competent commander-in-chief before the next terrorist attack occurs on our soil.

Herb Corday, Charlotte

And I’ll stick with ‘Merry Christmas’

In response to “I’ll stick with Happy Holidays, here’s why” (Dec. 14 Forum):

Forum writer R. Charles Hudson misses the point.

Christmas is a celebration of a birthday, which I understood was the reason for the season.

The Jewish and Islamic faiths do not believe Jesus was divine, hence they do not celebrate his birth as a holiday.

Mr. Hudson reminds me of an RV brand: “Holiday Rambler.” Political correctness is not even an issue.

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte