Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 02.10.16

Jack Hankins
Jack Hankins

What Harris wants violates Constitution

In response to “Marriage fight is worth the cost” (Feb. 9 Opinion):

The writer, an attorney, teaches constitutional law.

The Rev. Mark Harris doesn’t understand our Constitution. Our nation has long rejected the argument that government officials should be able to refuse to serve those they disapprove of.

Here in North Carolina, a 1979 judicial decision ruled that county clerks could not use their religious objections as grounds to deny a marriage license to an interracial couple. A “religious liberty” exemption would permit exactly such discrimination.

Rev. Harris cannot authorize only the “moral sensibilities” he happens to share, and it is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

This is a Pandora’s box that we rightly have long refused to open.

James Bolin, Charlotte

An adultery ban might be more fitting

Rev. Harris, maybe it would be helpful to spend more time caring for the poor, sheltering the homeless, healing the sick, visiting those in prison, and all the other things Jesus said we need to be doing.

Or perhaps you might consider promoting a constitutional ban on adultery? After all, Jesus actually talked about that.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

Do the math on free health care, tuition

In response to “Free tuition, health care comes at a cost” (Feb. 8 Forum):

While it’s true that “free education and health care is not really free,” that argument ignores the price – taxes – we already pay for the status quo.

Our choice: We can continue to supplement our uninsured and under-educated through higher medical and unemployment insurance premiums.

Or, we can pay an increased income tax to cover those costs, allowing America to have the healthiest, best educated workforce in the world!

Let’s do the math before assuming we can’t afford it.

Kelly Scherer, Charlotte

I don’t vote based on labels, I want more

In this election season I’m not voting for a liberal, evangelical, or conservative, however you define them.

I may be naive, but I’m looking for an individual who is intelligent enough to weigh all the facts surrounding an issue. Then after debate/consultation, and bipartisan support as needed, vote on the issue.

Hopefully such a vote will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of people – i.e., “we the people.”

Is this an unreasonable request? Gosh I hope not!

Charles A. Newton, Charlotte

Cotswold Publix a poor decision by city

Why is the City of Charlotte not voicing concern over Publix building a store across from Harris Teeter on Randolph Road?

Is the planning commission unaware of the existing parking/traffic congestion in the area?

Who will absorb the cost of the additional traffic lights attempting to disperse resulting traffic jams?

Competition is healthy; lack of planning is not.

Genevieve Kissack, Charlotte

Press conference was Cam’s worst fumble

In response to “Cam didn’t succeed as a role model” (Feb. 9) and related articles:

Cam Newton’s most devastating fumble of the evening was his performance at the post-game news conference.

His response did serve though to validate what some people have been saying through the year about his dabbing following victory – it’s a sign of immaturity.

Lesson learned? It’s time to grow up, Cam.

Rick Slate, Gastonia

Cut him slack, Cam’s still learning, growing

The Broncos’ defense lived up to its billing. Cam was processing a disappointing end to a brilliant season.

I suspect he has learned more in the last six or seven months than at any other time in his life. And he’s still learning.

We’ll return to the “Promised Land.”

Robert Shirley, Charlotte

Cam’s only human; we’ve all been there

Hey Cam, a little note from all of us who have punched a locker, thrown a bat, smashed a tennis racket, or thrown a golf club into the lake after we’ve gotten our butts kicked.

Welcome to the club. Getting ticked after you get your butt kicked shows a passion for the game.

After losing the Super Bowl, many of us would be upset with you if you had been smiling and singing “My Girl” at the press conference.

Go punch a locker. It’s great therapy.

Ted Holland, Cornelius