Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 02.14.16

Rosemarie Belcher
Rosemarie Belcher

CMS board is too focused on race

In response to “With rifts revealed, where does board go?” (Feb. 11) and related articles:

I moved to Charlotte in 1982. I have followed closely the CMS Board of Education through 33-plus years here.

Throughout that time the board has been about essentially nothing but white and black politics.

Educating the children of the community has always been secondary and appears to remain so.

As long as that remains, no one chosen as superintendent has any chance to succeed long term.

Just count the number of superintendents we’ve had since I moved here.

James Fitzpatrick Jr. Charlotte

My vote, that of other women, at risk

In response to Peter St. Onge “Look at voter fraud we’ve prevented” (Feb. 12 Opinion):

I am filled with dismay after reading about 86-year-old Reba Bowser being unable to get a photo ID because of her middle name.

I am worried for myself and all the other married women whose middle name might not match the voter poll book.

I worked at the polls for years, and many, many voters used a different middle name or initial from that in the book.

Some were surprised to see what the poll book showed, but they were allowed to change their signature and vote.

If they don’t know there is a discrepancy, will they find out on Election Day?

Will all these people – mostly women – be denied their right to vote because of a middle name?

Rosemarie Belcher, Charlotte

Voter ID law is a preventive measure

A good analogy for the new voter ID law would be TSA screenings.

There has never been a “granny bomber” in the United States, yet on a daily basis the TSA pulls elderly women out of line for pat-downs and enhanced screening.

You don’t have to wait for a problem to develop before enacting preventative measures. It’s called being proactive.

Mike Vee, Concord

Developers wake up to urban core needs

In response to “Developers look to urban areas, not suburbs, for growth” (Feb. 4):

Developers are waking up to the fact that Charlotteans want a good quality of life, which includes less time commuting and more time enjoying our immediate surroundings.

This is reflected in the significant growth of participation in local bicycle safety classes and Charlotte Spokes People’s now almost-daily organized group rides which take place in locations throughout the urban core.

We socialize, exercise, then enjoy a drink or food, all using our bicycles as our vehicles.

Adam Raskoskie, Charlotte

Nothing but repeated scandal with Obama

In response to David Brooks “I am a Republican, and I’m going to miss Obama” (Feb. 10 Opinion):

The Obama administration was “remarkably scandal-free”? Give me a break.

What about the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi, which Obama and his administration blamed on a video rather than security failures because he was running for re-election?

And the Iran agreement, which could lead to the future destruction of America?

I guess Mr. Brooks is one of the many who think Obama is blame-free for the debacle in our health care industry.

Does he not see that Obama is truly the “emperor who wore no clothes”?

Those around him confuse his narcissism with greatness, and obviously Mr. Brooks has been sucked into this vacuum.

Edie Dula, Charlotte

BofA’s name on stadium must go

The brilliant season that took the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl also took Charlotte’s reputation to a proud new peak. The same can’t be said for stadium name owner Bank of America.

Repugnant mortgage schemes, rappelling protesters, and countless side-stepping settlements make BofA a dog of a brand.

Most folks still remember 2008, when BofA helped crash our economy. Misery spread as BofA took a $45 billion bailout from taxpayers.

Then, with stunning arrogance, BofA doled out billions in bonuses to top execs, with 172 of them raking in at least $1 million.

To this day not one BofA big-shot has seen jail time.

Our Panthers are winners. They deserve a winning name for their home field. Carolina Stadium anyone?

Terry Taylor-Allen, Charlotte