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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 02.19.16

Amy Brooks
Amy Brooks

Housing mix, CMS diversity intertwined

In response to “Momentum for protecting neighborhood schools builds” (Feb. 18) and related articles:

The CMS survey ranking neighborhood schools and “diverse” schools presents us with a no-win situation.

These concerns are equally important, and the answer lies outside the school board’s ability to fix.

Unless city-county planners, “we the people,” and developers value and demand mixed-income housing, we are asking our schools to fix something we aren’t willing to address.

Until then, NIMBY rules, we are divided, and our children suffer.

Amy Brooks, Huntersville

CMS must change its path on diversity

In response to “CMS takes cues from 6 other districts” (Feb. 18):

Current CMS enrollment is approximately 30 percent white, 70 percent non-white. The road that CMS, the City, and the County have been on for a long time appears to be going to Detroit, not Louisville.

Roy Brown, Charlotte

Let Obama do what Constitution requires

The Republicans have repeatedly used the term “lame duck” to describe President Obama.

All the definitions I have seen define a lame duck as “one who continues to hold the office after an election in which he/she did not run or win.”

Unless I slept through the election, President Obama is not a lame duck.

I can imagine, at some point, the Republicans will call a president not of their liking a lame duck the day after the inauguration.

Let President Obama do what the Constitution requires of him.

Sandra Peters, Charlotte

Obama should attend Justice Scalia’s funeral

By announcing he will not attend Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral mass, President Obama has missed a great opportunity to help unite our country.

The timing was right to reach across political lines and ideology and make a statement that would have helped send a message.

It does not matter what any other president has done when past justices passed away. Timing means everything, and he missed a tremendous opportunity to unite us all.

Mark Estep, Charlotte

Apple has reason not to trust government

In response to “Fight over gunman’s iPhone touches all users” (Feb. 18):

Why shouldn’t Apple trust the federal government with a “backdoor” into everyone’s iPhone?

After all, we trusted the federal government – Hillary Clinton – with our most precious national secrets.

We trusted the federal government with Flint’s water and the water in the Animas River in Colorado.

We trusted federal agents not to sell guns destined to land in the hands of drug lords in Mexico.

OK, well maybe there are a few reasons not to trust the federal government with anything, ever.

Robert Bonner, Denver, N.C.

Level the playing field on CEO salaries

In response to “Carolinas HealthCare CEO’s pay last year: $6.6M” (Feb. 6) and related articles:

Some of the middle class anger is aimed at boardrooms full of wealthy members who sacrifice quality care and full staffing on the altar of “attracting the best candidate.”

CEO pay becomes a bidding war to pad their own prestige. No one individual makes or breaks any company or corporation.

Time to level the playing field.

Betty Hassler, Matthews

I have doubts about Sanders in war time

As the wife of a military man who served in World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, and the mother of two Marines, one of whom served three tours in Vietnam, I wonder how Bernie Sanders would carry out his official duties as commander-in-chief if elected.

Since he applied for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War, will he be able to order troops into harm’s way, which might be a requirement during his term in office?

Ira Myers, Charlotte

Divisive to woo voters based on skin color

The Feb. 11 Observer headline said: “Clinton, Sanders fight for black voters in S.C.”

By looking specifically for black voters, both candidates are overlooking one very detrimental fact caused by targeting this group.

Have neither Clinton nor Sanders examined the fact that when such cherry-picking is done in our society the results are more divisive and harmful than when candidates do not specify a color scheme when fishing for votes?

It is a sad state that the country is in when the front-page headline says candidates are seeking voters based on the color of their skin.

Ron Feuer, Charlotte