Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 02.24.16

LBGT ordinance vote ignored the majority

In response to “Council approves LGBT protections in 7-4 vote” (Feb. 23):

Apparently the transgender population – all 0.3 percent of them – is uncomfortable using the restrooms they’re plumbed for, so our brilliant politicians will allow them to use the restroom of their choice.

Let’s make these folks comfortable so the other 99.7 percent of the population can be uncomfortable instead.

Makes no sense to me!

Jim Silvus, Indian Trail

Unisex bathrooms the norm elsewhere

In response to “McCrory: LGBT bias rules likely to provoke state” (Feb. 22):

Oh, come on – that our governor should make front-page news worrying about who uses public bathrooms is absurd!

I’m a 77-year-old woman married to a man for 48 years with children and grandchildren, and have used whatever bathroom was available, even when marked “men.”

Most of the world has unisex bathrooms. And they’re really not “bath” rooms. There’s an enclosed toilet and a sink.

Let’s have some equality and stop wasting all that signage.

Felicia Lee, Charlotte

Governor, focus on teachers, toll lanes

Gov. Pat McCrory threatens immediate action by the N.C. General Assembly to stop LGBT persons from using a preferred bathroom.

Why doesn’t the governor advocate immediate legislative action regarding some things that really matter, such as environmental protections, teacher salaries and no toll lanes.

Dan A. Hopkins, Gastonia

Democracy in action? Not the 2016 election

First coin flips, now card draws, determine caucus winners. Superdelegates overrule the people’s vote. Debates resemble “fight to the death” cage matches.

Democracy draws the short straw. And the founding fathers shed a tear.

Ken May, Charlotte

Do Democratic voters really have a voice?

Following the Democrats’ initial caucuses and primaries, one would conclude that the number of delegates granted to each candidate would be similar based on the popular vote.

I was astounded to find out that Hilary Clinton has 502 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 70.

The difference is over 400 superdelegates who have indicated they’ll vote for Mrs. Clinton.

It appears that the Democratic party bosses are determining this election, and not the people.

This begs the question, do we the common people really have a voice in today’s political machines?

Tom Kueser, Charlotte

No need to change the Supreme Court

In response to “The Supreme Court has become too powerful” (Feb. 21 Opinion):

Op-ed writer Kim Holmes suggests that because the Supreme Court model still works and is able to do its job compared to the U.S. Congress, the Court is taking freedom from the American people.

I and fellow litigators have all experienced the highs and lows of “the system.” While we don’t always agree with judicial decisions, the courts serve as an indispensable check and balance against unwise and illegal actions and laws.

Leave the Supreme Court alone.

Jason A. McGrath, Charlotte

I cry foul on NCDOT in I-77 toll ‘game’

In response to Eric Frazier “Can scars over I-77 fight be healed?” (Feb. 22 Opinion):

NCDOT leaders Nick Tennyson and Ned Curran call I-77 tolls a slam dunk win for North Carolina.

But I cry “foul” due to their elbowing and unsportsmanlike conduct.

They have not played as a team rooting for the home team, but rather took a defensive stance.

They have indeed slammed Lake Norman residents who were forced to protect our area.

The game is not over because the fans have already paid the entrance fee and now demand they listen to the uproar.

Connie Evans, Mooresville

Add a lane on I-77 so more drivers can pass

In my estimation, the 18-wheel big-rigs on I-77 represent the single biggest problem.

Most are limited, either electronically or mechanically, to 65 mph or less, so you see dozens of cars gather behind them as they dice for a passing opportunity.

How many trucks are there? On a recent Monday at 11 a.m. I drove from Exit 35 north to Exit 50. In 13 minutes, I met 133 southbound big rigs.

On the return trip 30 minutes later, I met 131 northbound big rigs!

Big rigs and others traveling 65 mph or less are choking I-77, which needs another lane to provide more passing opportunities!

Gary Coon, Mooresville