Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.01.16

Apple should put U.S. safety first

In response to “Apple asks court to vacate order” (Feb. 26) and related articles:

The average citizen who is heard speaking openly in public on their cellphone everyday in this country, clearly does not possess data so secret that they need absolute security from the government, unless Apple wants to protect terrorists, drug dealers, etc.

If the government has a lawful right to search a house, car, person, etc., then why should a technology system be exempt because a third party company has decided that their marketing feature is more important than the protection of all citizens and the U.S. Constitution?

Rick Shaffer, Charlotte

Gitmo plan could create more terrorists

In response to “Obama plan to shutter prison riles Republicans” (Feb. 24):

Regardless of what experiences led American inmates into their respective prisons, many are bitter and angry with our current penal and cultural system.

Therefore, many of the fellow inmates living with these new terrorist arrivals might be extremely susceptible to their radical teachings of Islam.

Contrary to what President Obama espouses, his plan of closing Gitmo and then transferring these terrorists might actually create more Islamic fanatics in our very own backyards.

I truly believe that we would all be better served if we simply maintained the status quo.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Pressure to ‘vote black’ is repressive

It is so disturbing to see the amount of pressure placed upon African-American voters by African-American leaders to vote “black.”

It is clearly visible in the press, and even at the polls.

God forbid they be allowed to vote their minds versus their color.

This attitude lessens their influence, curiosity, motivation, and even the ability to explore other opportunities that might be available to them.

It is an insidious form of repression.

David Stout Jr., Davidson

3 bathrooms brings to mind Jim Crow era

In response to “Solution: Add a third unisex bathroom” (Feb. 26 Forum)

Forum writer Sheila Evans’ solution to Charlotte’s bathroom problem – three bathrooms: men, women, and unisex – is brilliant! I’m amazed no one thought of it before. Oh wait, someone did – Jim Crow.

Many facilities in the segregated South had three bathrooms: White Men, White Women, and Colored.

This was how we (white) folks dealt with our fears and ignorance. When will we ever learn?

Emmie Alexander, Davidson

GOP obstruction on a whole new level

In response to “GOP just doing what Biden advocated” (Feb. 25 Forum):

Then-Sen. Joe Biden may have once said George Bush should delay filling a Supreme Court vacancy, but that’s all that happened.

Sen. Barack Obama tried to block the nomination of Justice Samuel Alito – and that’s all that happened.

Never did Democrats refuse to consider and vet a candidate for the Supreme Court.

Pat Sellinger, Charlotte

Holmes lost his freedom long ago

In response to “The Supreme Court has become too powerful” (Feb. 21 Opinion):

Columnist Kim Holmes believes we are losing our freedoms to liberals, whose minds are closed or closing.

He doesn’t seem to understand that his mind has, obviously, been closed for far longer than he can remember, and that he lost his freedom when that happened.

Mark Selleck, Waxhaw

Build bike racks, not parking decks, at Y

In response to “Dowd Y renovation plans delayed, but still moving forward” (Feb. 22):

This article reminded me about a joke: “Please hold a minute of silence for all those stuck in their cars on the way to the gym where they will ride stationary bikes going nowhere.”

Wouldn’t it be more attractive and in tune with the traffic problems and the wooing of young talent, to offer bicycle racks instead of parking decks in front of a fitness center in an urban center?

Multipurpose benefit: traffic problems solved, air cleaner, and athletes warmed up before they even start their workout!

Karin Lukas-Cox,