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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.02.16

Julie Tuggle
Julie Tuggle

Make toll lanes free for more drivers

NCDOT leaders Nick Tennyson and Ned Curran have said they will take to Mobility Partners any contractual concerns that can still be tweaked by mutual consent of the state and the builder.

As one of the many drivers who travel frequently between Charlotte and Mooresville on I-77, I would ask that the minimum occupancy required to use the toll lanes for free be changed from three or more to two or more.

That would make the requirement the same as it is now with the HOV lanes.

If NCDOT is serious about making this contract work, then this effort would go a long way toward restoring public confidence in this project.

Julie Tuggle, Charlotte

Trash plan a blow to economy, ecology

In response to “Renters fight for trash service” (Feb. 27:

Eliminating trash pick-up from apartment complexes would be a regressive step both from ecological and economic perspectives.

The increased costs for trash removal will be disproportionately borne by lower-income families.

In a growing city like Charlotte, high-density living should be encouraged, not deterred by actions like this.

Multifamily residences help cut down car use by rendering public transport networks more effective. They also mitigate environmental damage and infrastructure costs.

Hopefully, city leaders will recognize the penny-wise, pound-foolish nature of the proposed change and vote it down.

Rajive Tiwari, Charlotte

Legislature’s rising tide of stupidity

In response to (Raleigh) News & Observer: “An undeniable threat to N.C.’s coastline” (March 1 Opinion):

This editorial says of N.C.’s Republican lawmakers and coastal developers: “They got a law passed that banned the state from basing policy on scientific predictions about sea level.”

In other words, North Carolina can’t base policy on predictions by intelligent people who have studied and debated the topic for years and years.

The only thing that’s rising higher and faster than the sea level is the enormous wave of stupidity by the radical Republicans in the state legislature.

Ronald V. Honeycutt, Mount Gilead

Big issues at stake in Apple, FBI dispute

In response to “Apple’s lobbying lags as iPhone fight heats up”(March 1):

The Apple case is not a simple search and seizure case. Apple is not refusing to produce evidence in its possession.

The FBI is asking Apple to build something that does not now exist so that it can fish for speculative information.

Would you want to be forced to build something for the FBI that could possibly be used by the very criminals and terrorists they are seeking to investigate?

This case deserves careful deliberation.

Vicki Taylor, Troutman

Republican Party has only itself to blame

The bitter attacks and lowering of decorum in the Republican presidential race are completely self-created as the party continually panders to the extreme.

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s declaration was to make Barack Obama a one-term president, not show how the party can make a difference.

Prime example: 50-plus votes to repeal Obamacare without a plan.

Even Fox News is devouring its own. A reminder: The party of Lincoln believed in including all.

Stephen Sissons, Charlotte

‘One term and out’ is the only solution

The major cause of our dysfunctional Congress and state/local government is career politicians serving multiple terms.

They are reluctant to impose term limits on themselves therefore voters must do it by never re-electing anyone, regardless of party.

One term and out is the only way to return this pitiful state of governing to a meaningful process.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Black voters not being repressed

In response to “Pressure to ‘vote black’ is repressive” (March 1 Forum):

Forum writer David Stout Jr. can’t understand why most African-Americans vote Democrat, the party that has advanced civil rights legislation and virtually every social program providing crucial assistance and safety nets.

Black and minority voters are not repressed or stupid. One has to wonder why more struggling white voters can’t overcome habit, prejudice and/or peer pressure and vote in their own economic self-interest.

Daniel VanAtta, Mint Hill