Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.06.16

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

N.C. should’ve never signed with Cintra

In response to “Toll lane critics find new reasons for hope” (March 4):

The contract “negotiated” by North Carolina with Cintra for I-77 toll lanes is loaded with sweetheart provisions for the contractor – e.g. huge and immediate cancellation penalties, non-compete clauses.

There are undoubtedly additional provisions to protect Cintra at taxpayer expense if traffic on the toll portion of the road doesn’t live up to Cintra’s expectations.

The topic of the investigation should be “why did the N.C. Department of Transportation sign up for such a stupid deal?”

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Seize the moment on tolls; get out now

From the beginning it was obvious that Cintra business practices were in question.

Stop the toll road joke now.Put our gas tax money where it belongs and fix I-77 and the infrastructure in North Carolina.

Tolls are the wrong answer!

Jack Bennett, Mooresville

Greedy CEOs to blame for lost jobs

We’ve heard much about how China “stole” millions of jobs and many promises to reverse that travesty.

What we haven’t heard, and will not hear, is that those jobs were not hijacked.

Greedy American CEOs consciously chose “shareholder value” over paying living wages here at home.

The way to facilitate that was bought and paid for in Congress and the White House. The political will to reverse this reality hasn’t changed, so neither will the reality.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Renard Burris, Charlotte

Bonds will create debt; nothing is free

In response to “I’ve always supported bonds, but maybe not this time” (March 3):

Politicians and bond issues are like oil and water – they do not mix well, thus bonds slip into voters’ view without adequate financial review.

Debt of any sort creates a crippling long-term impact. Taxpayers will eventually bear the burden of repayment. Sorry, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Harold Soutier Sr., Charlotte

Super Tuesday and Mario the Magician

Given the spectacular circus of the current presidential campaign, it might just be relevant and helpful to read or reread Thomas Mann’s novella, Mario and the Magician (1929).

This cautionary tale by the German author deals with the explosive intersection of political power and mesmerizing entertainment during the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century.

Mann’s story seems to be reflected yet again in today’s hypnotic barrage of mediated scenes which purport to be democracy in action.

Shaw Smith, Davidson

Time for change, Trump can bring it

In response to “Don’t back Trump, too much is unknown” (March 3 Forum):

I wonder if Forum writer John Clark knew a lot about the last president? I know a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with him or Congress.

It is time for real change. Vote for someone who is not a professional politician.

Donald Trump has worked in many different types of business. He has done something other than be a politician.

Jimmie Hammitt, Charlotte

Career politicians don’t speak for me

In response to “GOP leaders: No place for bigotry in the Republican Party” (March 1):

Even if the people elect a Washington outsider, the career politicians will try their best to shut him out.

It is because they do not realize they are paid employees of the people.

Show me a career politician and I’ll show you a self-righteous abuser of taxpayer funds.

It’s not about a “party,” it’s about the country and the people are the country.

Don Griffin, Monroe