Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.08.2016

GOP turning into a schoolyard fight

As a mature adult and life-long Republican, I must say that the GOP’s current debates have become an embarrassment. The ridiculous exchanges between Rubio and Trump regarding body parts have reached a low point of civility.

To think that either should be considered for the office of president is repulsive and depressing. It is time to denounce such schoolyard behavior.

E. E. Billington, Charlotte

Conservatives like me are fed up

Hey, Republican Establishment, you had better listen to your conservative base. They seem to like Trump and the fact he asks questions all of you avoid or ignore. You only seem interested in maintaining your hierarchy.

As one of “The Establishment,” Mitt Romney is a disgrace and public embarrassment. Are you ticked off because the masses are thinking for themselves and are fed up with you? I am a conservative, but sure as hell am not a Republican right now. Shame on all of you.

Sally Coulter, Charlotte

Observer’s choices aren’t my choices

In response to “For president: Kasich, Clinton” (March 6 Our View):

You offer us the choice of a moldy cheese sandwich or a hot dog found near the restroom door.

Mr. Kasich is a half-hearted conservative. He wants to be fiscally responsible but, by gosh, people really need those benefits. He’ll acknowledge the government is too large but surely, dumping a lot of civil servants would crush the employment stats.

Mrs. Clinton is simply a bore; an ambitious prevaricator and security risk you would not wish to drink a beer with, much less hire to run your company. Thank goodness she’s likely to be indicted.

Mr. Trump, by the way, is no more appetizing: an odd-smelling soup with meat-like ingredients floating.

Kent Ashton, Concord

I-77 contract should be reviewed

In response to “More storm clouds over I-77 project” (March 5 Our View):

I agree with the Observer’s editorial on the need for an independent audit/review of the I-77 toll road contract. This murky, single-sourced plan to lock North Carolina drivers and taxpayers into subsidizing a toll road development company with a growing track record of financial and operational failures needs to be challenged.

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Towns should rethink leaving CMS

As a retired CMS educator, the talk of various towns in Mecklenburg County wanting to withdraw from CMS and create their own school systems is unwise.

What makes CMS great is the fact that the school board tries to ensure there are no have and have-not schools within the system. Have the people in the area forgotten that at one time CMS was recognized as a leader in the integration of its school system?

So let us hope the state legislature will not approve the balkanization of CMS. If the approval is granted, where does it end? I can see other counties across the state breaking into competing school systems clamoring for state dollars for their systems. Everyone stop, take a deep breath, step back, and work within the system.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte

Vote against bonds to support teachers

Please demonstrate support for public education and teachers and vote NO on bonds.

Our economic reality is that funds are limited and servicing debt is necessarily the top budget priority. If the state can reduce debt and interest payments, then a larger portion of the budget will be available for other needs such as teacher pay.

Do you agree that funding teacher salaries and support positions is more important than buildings?

Vote No on bonds and help our politicians prioritize funding for teacher pay and public education.

Jeff Campbell, Concord

Bonds will save the state money

A fundamental responsibility of government is providing infrastructure. It is very logical to borrow money through bond issues to spread out these costs.

Currently, interest rates are at record lows and below the rate of inflation. Over the years of repayment, with inflation returning to normal levels, it would allow amortization of these bonds at an accelerated rate below their issue prices.

Also, the project costs now would be lower than waiting to accumulate tax money for a large amount to fund a major project. Build the infrastructure now! Stimulate the economy and allow us to pay less for it. Vote approval for all bond issues.

Alan R. Goozner, Charlotte