Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.10.16

Rudy Abrams
Rudy Abrams

Why police brutality keeps happening

In response to “CMPD defends use of force against suspect” (March 9):

Multiple Charlotte police officers hold down a man while another officer beats him and Charlotte’s police chief finds no fault.

Police brutality keeps happening because officers feel confident they won’t be punished.

Don’t they realize that when the police are perceived as the enemy, instead of protectors, it makes their job harder?

Rudy Abrams, Charlotte

End wrong-headed toll lanes project

In response to “More storm clouds over I-77 toll lanes project” (March 5 Editorial):

Gov. Pat McCrory, please stop being so wishy-washy and cancel the I-77 toll lanes project with Cintra, which will be a disaster.

The governor and Attorney General Roy Cooper need to stop playing the “who shot John” game and get on with the business of the state.

The people in this area do not have any confidence in Cintra. Why would we want Cintra to build even a dog house in this state?

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

Resorting to toll roads is a fail for N.C.

Resorting to toll roads to finance N.C. highways is admitting that as a state we have failed.

The inability to face reality and pay for our infrastructure via an increased gas tax or other reliable means is diminishing the former “Good Roads State.”

Stephen Jones, Charlotte

Varicella quarantine was right move

In response to “Unvaccinated students sent home over chickenpox” (March 8):

Put very simply, in society there are consequences for choices individuals make.

If individuals choose not to vaccinate their children they must take responsibility for that choice.

If your children are quarantined for their safety, and more importantly the safety of others, then you are responsible for any inconvenience this might cause you.

Mark Moore, Knoxville, Tenn.

Thank Burr, Tillis and the GOP for Trump

For the past eight years, the Republican leadership’s insistence on denigrating and denying President Obama through a series of mean-spirited, insulting and obstructionist tactics has earned the GOP Donald J. Trump!

N.C. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have helped to sow the seeds of discord that are now bearing the rotten fruit of bigotry and rancor.

Time for a serious taste of your own cooking.

Hardin Minor, Charlotte

GOP elite should get behind Trump

In response to “Trump worries N.C. GOP leaders” (March 6):

Donald Trump is an amazing possibility.

Turnout in these early contests is because of his candidacy, and he gives us the best chance to win in November.

The Republican elite always talks about expanding its reach into potential voting groups. Trump is bringing those constituencies to the Republican message in general and to himself in particular.

Listen to your own words about growing the party, and get behind our best chance in November.

Robert E. Cassell Jr., Charlotte

I’m 85; Clinton nor Trump will do

After watching TV Sunday with the news of Nancy Reagan’s death, I wondered why we cannot find a fine and good person to be president of the United States.

We do not need Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton. We need someone far superior to either of them. So think about it very carefully when you cast your ballot.

At 85, this might well be the last president I will remember. I hope and pray for our country and leaders.

Sarah C. Edwards, Concord

Don’t be fooled by fuss about cage-free

In response to “Harris Teeter parent moving to cage-free eggs” (March 5) and related articles:

It’s surprising to see all the recent local press coverage of many grocery store chains announcing they will be transitioning to cage-free eggs by 2025.

Cage-free chickens are just a very small step above caged chickens. So these grocery chains are not doing anything positive to improve the living conditions of these animals.

Cage-free chickens are still crammed wall-to-wall into large buildings with no access to the outside.

What they really should be moving to is free-range, certified humane eggs. Then, they’d have something to be proud of.

Sherry Klepfer, Mooresville