Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.11.16

On bathrooms, let marketplace decide

In response to “Group of 11 seeks way to overturn Charlotte LGBT ordinance” (March 9):

The government has no right to dictate to businesses what kinds of bathrooms to have.

That decision belongs solely to the businesses. Thus, business owners should have the freedom to decide for themselves which course of action to pursue.

We, in turn, are free to agree or disagree with their decision and decide for ourselves whether or not to patronize a particular business.

That’s how private property rights function in the marketplace.

In the end, government needs to remove itself from this issue and let businesses decide for themselves what they will do.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Not convinced on Connect NC bond

In response to “Businesses, university groups back bond issue” (March 10):

Those who support the $2 billion Connect NC bond package need to tell voters like me what tuition money is spent on and why the public needs to finance infrastructure on college campuses.

With in-state tuition and fees at $6,532 per student per year, times 28,000 students at UNC Charlotte, the school is taking in more than $182 million a year.

So where does the money go? And what benefit does the public get for subsidizing science students at a school that is raking in the money?

Steve Benson, Monroe

Judge Mann is best fit for District Court

I have lived in this community all my 65 years, practiced law for almost 40 years, and served as mayor of Matthews for 18 years.

For 30 years Judge Christy Mann has been involved in family law, serving the past 10 years as a judge in Family Court.

Her hard work and dedication are unmatched. As Senior Family Court Judge, she carries the heaviest caseload and handles the most complex matters.

Our community needs Judge Mann’s experience and steady hand as a judge.

R. Lee Myers, Matthews

As Republicans go, Kasich is only choice

I am a 69-year-old, semi-retired, independent voter who follows politics closely.

I will vote for Republican candidates when I see them as moderate and balanced in their views, with the experience needed.

I am looking for a president with the experience, skills and temperament to lead our great country and work across the aisle to break the Washington logjam that prevents us from addressing our many pressing problems.

There are many people like me.

I’ll never vote for the likes of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

The only Republican I could vote for is John Kasich. He’s the only one with the experience, temperament and balanced values we need in the leader of our country.

Ron Tober, Charlotte

Trump victory won’t ruin civilization

In response to “Trump is already contaminating our kids” (March 9 Opinion):

Columnist Petula Dvorak foresees the downfall of civility and ruination if Donald Trump is elected.

I don’t buy that.

My wife and I take solace that our 14-year-old twins question why many of the candidates, aspiring leaders, and even media moderators are frequently nasty and demeaning to each other.

I feel certain and optimistic that the vast majority of parents, educators, clergy, leaders, and personalities in so many communities emphasize the message that bullying is not cool or acceptable.

Don’t despair, no matter who wins the election there will continue to be many good role models our children can follow.

Look around you.

Ron Olsson, Davidson

Will N.C. become a purple state again?

N.C. voters have voted Republican in three of the last four presidential elections, taking it off the “purple state” list.

But I feel like the GOP cannot count on North Carolina this time around.

With a presidential candidate who appears not to have broad support, a weak Republican governor running for re-election, a strong Democratic challenger for governor in Roy Cooper, and – most importantly – voters who are fed up with the GOP-controlled N.C. legislature’s overreach and divisive laws, I will be voting for a more moderate group this year.

Jim Gilmore, Cornelius