Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.18.16

Pittenger’s logic lacking on court pick

Robert Pittenger made a public statement about reasons not to confirm the nominee to the Supreme Court.

His No. 1 reason was that Obama is in his last year in office and the next president should make that appointment.

Using that logic, the House of Representatives would only work every other year, as that second year could be their last year in office.

Marvin Wilson, Mint Hill

Did Obama outsmart GOP senate leaders?

Iin response to “Is Obama’s Garland nomination to Supreme Court a game of bluff or a gotcha?” (March 16 Charlotteobserver.com):

President Obama made a smart move by nominating a bipartisan candidate.

Seeing that Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch and Chief Justice John Roberts previously supported Garland, he is a deserving nominee whom Republican senators cannot be quick to dismiss.

So, Obama’s Garland nomination to the Supreme Court can be viewed as a clever game of political gotcha.

Anna Demelo, Charlotte

Diversity lacking at Supreme Court

President Obama preaches “inclusiveness,” but if Merrick Garland were to be confirmed, the Supreme Court would have zero Protestants and zero members who went to law school anywhere except the liberal, elitist, northeastern Ivy League.

Let’s move towards a Supreme Court that looks like America and shares our values.

Hilton Caldwell, Monroe

Charge Trump for inciting violence

John McGraw, the man charged with assaulting a protestor at the Trump rally in Fayetteville last week, should also be charged with a hate crime. The statement that McGraw made – “The next time we see him, we might have to kill him” – and the fact that the protestor was black to me smacks of racial hatred.

In addition, Donald Trump should be charged with the promulgation of a hate crime because of his provocative and taunting speeches that create mass dissention and violence.

Stephen Coen, Charlotte

Protesters boost Trump’s appeal

The liberals are sending their minions to censor the Donald Trump campaign rallies for one or more of three reasons, all unfortunate:

▪ They fear Trump’s message.

▪ They want Trump nominated since polls indicate he is the only Republican who will not beat Hillary.

▪ They are too stupid to realize that their conduct enhances Trump’s appeal.

All three possibilities are credible.

Philip Van Hoy, Charlotte

$2 billion bond issue won’t help CMS

In response to “Voters strongly approve $2 billion bond plan” (March 16):

My parents moved here 10 years ago from the west coast because of CMS, not CPCC or UNCC. I am in my eighth year at CMS, and, for the most part, I was taught in 40-year-old buildings with little sunlight or in dingy trailers (not to mention my one hour bus rides, or that my great teachers are underpaid).

CMS could use some money to improve our schools.

Stefan Cox, Charlotte

Concussions affect soccer players, too

In response to “Chastain to donate brain for CTE research” (March 4):

I applaud Brandi Chastain for donating her brain in order to contribute to CTE research.

It is easy to assume that concussions cannot happen in a non-violent sport such as soccer, unlike football. Brandi’s gesture will pioneer the research in CTE and women soccer athletes.

Way to go Brandi!

Akshra Paimagam, Charlotte

Shameful litter on Billy Graham

What a total embarrassment, not only for visitors leaving our airport, but daily commuters traveling the Billy Graham Parkway, to see miles of roadside litter as far as the eye can see and even in the trees. Is this how we pay respect to an N.C. native revered by many people all over the world? If I were Mr. Graham, I would have the state remove my name from a such a nasty road.

Ken Rutherford, Charlotte