Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.20.16


Brace for an ugly Trump-Clinton race

“He said-She said” is what we’re going to get a steady diet of at the debates between the two candidates. It was beyond bad during the debates between party candidates, but like Al Jolson said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

As voters, we decide whom to vote for based on their presentation of solutions to issues facing the country. I’m afraid we’re going to be left in the dark.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Trump embodies the ‘Ugly American’

I concede that Donald Trump is making sense to a large portion of the population that is fed up with government policies. While I’m not happy with the obstructionism on both sides, I’m not about to punch someone in the face.

I used to believe we are basically “good people” but now I see a side of the populace that makes me understand mob mentality, and it frightens me. We’d best prepare ourselves. Donald Trump may be the face of this nation that we present to the rest of the world: The Ugly American.

Jean Bruner, Charlotte

Anti-Trump editorial showed intolerance

In response to “How far will America let this tantrum go?” (March 16 Our View):

I’ve heard of several definitions of “not politically correct,” but being disrespectful and unappreciative of anyone who thinks differently from oneself (in your case, Mr. Trump) is a new one.

Did you get that one from college students who are more concerned about microaggressions and getting free stuff rather than free speech? Try checking out Ms. Clinton’s statements and see how many are repeatedly proven false.

Mark Johnson, Charlotte

Proud to protest Trump’s bigotry

In response to “Protesters boost Trump’s appeal” (March 18 Forum):

I was one of the “anti-Trump minions” that protested in Hickory. The protest was organized on social media by a Lutheran bishop. He was offended that a candidate that either espoused or gloried in violence would be speaking at Lenoir-Rhyne, a Lutheran college.

We were led by approximately 25 clergy and seminary students singing hymns. No, we are not stupid and no, it was not a “Hillary crowd.” It was Bernie people, Hillary people and undecided folks. Our conduct as a group was not perfect but was generally above reproach.

I am a 61-year-old North Carolinian with a Marine combat vet son. I love my country and wanted to be on-record, in-person as being opposed to what this man represents. It’s something I will recount with pride to the grandkids.

Richard Anderson, Newland

Stop bashing us for speaking Spanish

In response to “If you love America, then speak English” (March 15 Forum):

Editor’s note: The writer is a student at East Mecklenburg High School.

I can understand the frustration many Americans feel when immigrants who live in the United States do not speak English, but I get very offended when Americans think it’s unpatriotic. Learning a language is a difficult process.

To those people who are irritated when people speak about immigration and do not speak English, I ask you, “Why do you not speak Spanish or any other language?”

Juan Mazuera, Charlotte

Our foreign policy spurred immigration

In response to “Controversial arrests net Charlotte immigrant teens” (March 13):

It is unfortunate that the Observer’s reporting fails to explore the role of U.S. foreign policy and the U.S.-driven “War on Drugs” in the origins of the violence compelling so many people to leave their Central American homes. If news outlets treated criminal tragedies like El Mozote with the attention they did Benghazi, the arrival of so many immigrants would be no surprise and the moral necessity of welcoming them more clear.

Nicholas Holt, Charlotte

Thank goodness for kind strangers

My five-pound rat terrier got out accidentally and ran up our very busy street. I could not get her to return. At the time, two men from Kelly Lawn company were mowing grass at my neighbor’s house. They went up and down the street trying to get her and keep her from getting hit by a car. They were finally able to chase her into our back yard.

These men went above and beyond themselves in kindness. I want to thank them publicly for their caring.

Elizabeth Winters, Charlotte