Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.22.16


Stop pandering on bathroom issue

In response to “Legislature could meet soon for LGBT issue” (March 20):

As a taxpayer of this state, I am very dismayed that the General Assembly is willing to spend $42,000 a day fighting the Charlotte bathroom ordinance. The continuing pandering to the extreme right is hurting our state economically as well as politically.

There are much more pressing issues to be working on. Please let this one go.

Laura Reich, Matthews

Bigger issues than bathrooms to fix

If our teachers were among the lowest paid in the nation; if our poorest citizens could not afford a decent place to live despite a building boom; if many of our educated young people were burdened by oppressive debt; if a speedy travel lane reserved only for motorists who could afford it was being added to a congested highway, would our political leaders call a special session of the legislature to address these problems?

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Please go away, Donald Trump

In response to “Air of menace hangs over presidential race (March 19 Viewpoint) and related coverage:

Mr. Trump: Do you really expect anyone to accept your rhetoric about riots being only a metaphor? If it is, it is a metaphor for inadequate leadership. You have been baiting your followers by threatening peaceful demonstrators, glorifying violent removals, and projecting visions of people removed on stretchers. You have lost any leadership of your followers if they cannot be guided. You are also not a desirable candidate if you use threats of riots to get your way.

Let America be great by going home.

Donald C. Tracy, Salisbury

Trump’s appeal should be obvious

In response to “What I got wrong about Trump” (March 18 Commentary):

Sixty-five percent of voters in North Carolina voted not to allow legal marriage between same-sex adults. The current administration used flawed legislation to change how healthcare is paid for. The costs are spiraling out of control.

While acting as the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton also served on a foundation that accepted monies from foreign countries and companies. Why can’t you understand the popularity of Trump?

Richard Boyle, Charlotte

Disrespect shown Obama is shameful

In response to “Obama never worked with others (March 21 Forum):

Mr. O’Donnell’s letter addresses the lack of cooperation from the Senate on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. He states, “Maybe they would do that (cooperate) if he had established a working relationship with Republican senators.” Mitch McConnell had an oft quoted statement: “Our primary objective is to make Obama a one-term president.” That was it: No cooperation on anything. In all my 84 years, I have never seen such disrespect shown for the president of the United States.

Jim Hinkle, Charlotte

Focus on learning, not on school zones

In response to “No dodging CMS’ school zone dilemma” (March 21 Commentary):

Parents didn’t just say no busing. They said they want equal quality instruction in every attendance zone. Then they said no to busing.

It is not that CMS hasn’t redrawn attendance zones in more than a decade. It’s that for more than forever it has been unable to un-riddle the why of impoverished elementary students not matching the advancement of their suburban peers.

Bolyn McClung, Pineville

Great to see Project LIFT get 6th year

In response to “Project LIFT given another year in CMS” (March 20):

I agree with the decision to approve a 6th year for Project LIFT. Giving Project LIFT another year to accomplish key goals such as creating a LIFT academy for students requiring extra mentoring or a year-round school year is well worth it, especially because the projected goals would include an increase in graduation rate, helping nine poverty-stricken schools with low performance issues, and also getting a 90 percent rate of at-level testing.

Sahil Azad, Charlotte