Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.23.16

Sham Ostapko
Sham Ostapko

My granddaughter needs protection too

In response to “Vote to void LGBT ordinance expected” (March 22):

I am the grandmother of a 12-year-old transgender girl who looks every bit like the beautiful young woman she is.

Can you imagine what might happen if while dressed as a young woman she is forced to use the boy’s bathroom?

There is a real chance of her being bullied, or even attacked.

The most vulnerable among us need compassion and protection.

Carol Holister, Charlotte

Republican leaders wanted Obama to fail

In response to “Obama never worked with others” (March 21 Forum):

Most Republicans never wanted to work with President Obama.

I’m not sure how our president is supposed to work with Republicans when their leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, disrespectfully declared early on that his first priority was to see President Obama fail!

You can’t blame the president for the Republicans’ lingering inability to come to terms with Americans actually electing a black president!

It’s never been about his policies.

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Hillary barked; Trump seized the moment

In response to “Trump’s barking dog ad is offensive” (March 21 Forum):

As a Libertarian I don’t have a dog in this fight (pardon the pun), and I do find it very sad that Clinton and Trump are the best the two major parties can come up with.

However, I don’t find this ad disgusting at all since that is actually Hillary barking at a Feb. 15 rally in Reno, Nevada. She did that all by herself.

If a supposedly intelligent candidate makes himself/herself look foolish on purpose, their opponent would be an idiot not to take advantage of such an opportunity, and that’s exactly what Trump did.

Earl McFerrin, Concord

All candidates have right to free speech

Some on all ends of the political spectrum have failed to recognize that those who have opinions differing from their own have a constitutionally protected and guaranteed right to express them.

Those who would restrict the rights of any candidate to express his or her opinion do far greater damage to America than any electoral candidate.

All must recognize that the American way to express disagreement with a candidate is to cast a ballot against that candidate on Election Day.

Mike Scruggs, Rutherfordton

N.C. must learn from other states on tolls

If there were any doubt that the toll road going up I-77 is a terrible idea, then look what is going on with toll roads elsewhere.

SH 130 Concession Co., which operates a 4-year-old toll road in Austin, Texas just filed for bankruptcy.

Toll roads in Indiana, San Diego and Alabama have also filed for bankruptcy in the last two years.

These roads often cost more than projected and get less use than expected.

What makes the people behind this mess think North Carolina will be any different?

Tripp Cherry, Matthews

SouthPark needs pedestrian bridges

In response to “Expert touts a less congested, more unified SouthPark” (March 19):

An immediate improvement to the SouthPark area would be to build five pedestrian bridges similar to the one at the Sharon Road West Lynx Station.

Build one across Sharon Road connecting Whole Foods to Sharon Shopping Center, one across Fairview Road to connect Sharon Shopping Center to the mall, one across Morrison Boulevard to connect the mall to Specialty Shops on the Park, and one across Colony Road connecting the approved mixed-use development to Morrison Place.

Build the last one across Sharon Road connecting the mixed-use development to the Harris Teeter.

Such walkways worked for uptown.

Ross Levin, Charlotte

I want more on women’s basketball

Why does men’s March Madness basketball get front-page coverage, but women’s is on page 8?

The University of South Carolina is predicted to possibly win the entire NCAA tournament.

Remember Dawn Staley of the WNBA Sting? She is head coach and has achieved an undefeated conference record for the USC women’s team!

They are rocking it!

Penelope Wilson, Charlotte