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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.24.16

George Dornblazer
George Dornblazer

Same nonsense as in ‘Whites Only’ days

In response to “Vote to void LGBT ordinance expected” (March 22):

The argument to “protect our women and children” is the same nonsense that was used to keep our bathrooms “Whites Only.”

The only responsibility this woman demands of her legislators is to provide “equal protection under the law.”

Katherine Miller, Huntersville

Morality matters; glad to see special session

In response to “Stop pandering on bathroom issue” (March 22 Forum):

I, too, am a taxpayer of this state and am thankful there are some folks in Raleigh who believe morality and common sense protections for all citizens – young and old – should be the norm in our state.

Does anyone on the left out there not remember the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and their fate when God’s judgment fell?

Rick Mendoza, Concord

Trump more suited to be a dictator

In response to “Trump’s appeal should be obvious” (March 21 Forum):

Forum writer Richard Boyle asks why we can’t understand the popularity of Donald Trump.

I would remind him that Adolf Hitler was very popular in Germany in the 1930s and ’40s. We all know how that worked out.

Popularity aside, Trump does not possess the skills, experience and temperament to be U.S. president.

If Trump wants to govern a nation, he ought to apply to a Third World country looking for a new dictator.

Dave Broske, Charlotte

I like what Trump is saying about jobs

Donald Trump seems to be the only candidate saying anything about stopping jobs from leaving this country.

He said Carrier, which is sending 1,400 jobs to Mexico, will “pay a price for taking the jobs from the U.S. to Mexico.”

He said if elected he would tell Carrier “I’m going to get consensus from Congress, and we’re going to tax you when those air conditioners come (back to the U.S.)”

Also, Trump said Ford will pay for building a new plant in Mexico.

Wesley Edens, Matthews

Biting commentary is part of the problem

In response to “A history lesson on libel for Mr. Trump” (March 23 Opinion):

Ruth Marcus’ own concession that she cherishes her “freedom to be biting” in her opinions clearly demonstrates why New York Times v. Sullivan needs to be significantly modified.

Is there any wonder why we have lost any sense of any civility in our public discourse these days?

Rudy Nichols, Fort Mill, S.C.

GOP bending truth on court appointment

All this banter about Obama naming a judge for the Supreme Court is political fodder on the Republicans’ part.

In late 1987 President Ronald Reagan put Justice Anthony Kennedy’s name in for the Supreme Court and he was confirmed by a Democrat-controlled Senate. Reagan was also a “lame-duck” president.

Get your facts straight. I am so tired of the party of “no” bending the truth to fit their agenda.

Anne Monrad, Mooresville

Pick up your trash, it’s ruining greenway

As a naturalist and environmentalist, I was thrilled when Little Sugar Creek was restored near uptown and a greenway constructed along it.

It is disheartening to see that this area has again become an eyesore of trash.

Stand on any bridge or patio area beside the creek and view the cans, bottles, paper, plastic, and Styrofoam lodged along its banks – trash that destroys an otherwise picturesque urban naturescape and soul-enriching environment.

I used to love to walk by the creek and take visitors there, but no more. What a shame to lose the progress we made.

George Dornblazer, Charlotte

Trash plan is unfair, not equitable for all

In response to For the Record “Trash pickup plan plays favorites” (March 20 Opinion):

Writer Jim Slaughter is correct. Prohibiting multifamily roll-out trash collection service without reducing ad valorem rates to offset a reduction in city services is unfair and inequitable.

This matter was discussed by City Council in 2004 when the trash collection ordinance was amended.

If the real issue is overall cost of trash collection, rather than create a second class of taxpayers denied the same service as single-family owners paying the same rates, perhaps the $25 fee should be increased slightly.

Judson Stringfellow, Cornelius