Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.27.16

Kenneth Kyzer
Kenneth Kyzer

OK not to cater to LGBT minority

The LGBT community is continually “sick and tired” of this or that.

I, on the other hand, am sick and tired of our community leaders spending countless valuable hours catering to the whims of a very small minority of Charlotteans.

Thank you N.C. legislature for putting an end to this silliness. Let’s get on to real business.

Bob Lilien, Charlotte

No facts to back up bathroom fears

Understandable fears about child protection in restrooms need to be balanced by facts.

In 200 cities that have passed similar laws there are no, none, zero reported cases to warrant supposed fears.

Tom E. Bowers , Charlotte

There are bigger issues at stake in N.C.

The N.C. legislature could have called a special session to restore the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, a successful antipoverty program.

Or, it could have convened to expand Medicaid to provide health care for the 500,000 North Carolinians not covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Instead, it was spurred to urgent action by the bathroom choices of a tiny percentage of the public.

I can only surmise that the Republican Party is now completely incapable of shame.

Kevin Morris, Charlotte

N.C. doesn’t need NBA, others like them

If the NBA and other big businesses make kowtowing to a miniscule minority and political correctness a higher priority than the safety of our children, then to hell with them.

HB2 is a breath of common sense that protects women, children and business owners. Thank you, legislators!

Tim Deal, Salisbury

McCrory, N.C. GOP are bad for business

It is astonishing to me, that someone who purports to be as pro-business as Gov. McCrory wasted no time in rushing to sign a bill into law making discrimination against a particular segment of the population legal.

Perhaps our governor and Republican-run legislature only want businesses in our state who do not employ LGBT people and those which LGBT people do not use or support.

I wonder how many businesses that might be?

April Gunning, Charlotte

With bathroom bill, N.C. hits bottom

And as they enter the top of the stretch, it’s Mississippi and Alabama out front by half a length with North Carolina coming up fast on the outside. It’s Mississippi and Carolina, it’s Mississippi and Carolina, it’s Carolina by a nose, it’s Mississippi, it’s Carolina. And Carolina wins by a nose.

The winner of this year’s Race to the Bottom is Carolina.

Joseph H. Spencer Jr., Charlotte

Local Imam should push for reformation

In response to “A Muslim in Charlotte responds to Brussels” (March 24 Opinion):

It is not difficult to agree with most of Khalil Akbar’s positions and recommendations concerning terrorism in the name of Islam.

What’s missing is the call for a reformation of Islam, not unlike the Protestant Reformation, which led to major changes in Catholicism and formation of other paths for Christians to follow.

Mr. Akbar is an Imam, a leader of his faith, who should be writing about needed changes in his religion instead of the usual defense of Islam following major acts of terrorism.

Ron Keane, Mooresville

Obama behaves more like a dictator

In response to “Trump more suited to be a dictator” (March 24 Forum):

I was amused to read the letter comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and to a dictator.

We have a sitting president who has consistently made his own laws when the Congress won’t give him what he wants, and issued executive orders to ignore violations of law that he doesn’t agree with.

All of this and Trump is a dictator? Really?

Kenneth Kyzer, Charlotte

Stop throwing your trash out the window

What would make an otherwise decent person mindlessly throw all manner of trash out of their car window? I see it every day.

This area is beautiful with all the flora and fauna, but our roadways and streets look like one huge trash dump.

Come on folks, unlike climate change, water scarcity and pollution or nuclear threat, this is an easy fix.

Stop littering! Give your kids a role model; this is your home too. Take pride in it.

Sherry O’Neill, Fort Mill, S.C.