Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.28.16

James B. Hall
James B. Hall

Businesses will turn away from N.C.

So the N.C. GOP calls a special session and enacts legislation to make sure that companies considering a move to North Carolina can be assured of a streamlined set of statutes statewide. Seriously?

That is the same logic used by the folks shutting down abortion clinics to “protect women.”

Within 24 hours we have large companies like ESPN, the NCAA, American Airlines and PayPal reconsidering their options.

Great job again GOP. All you need now is the flight jacket and goggles. “Mission Accomplished!”

Jonathan Ramsey, Charlotte

Legislature wasting our time, money

In Romer v. Evans (1996), the Supreme Court invalidated a Colorado referendum that sought to override all state and local LGBT rights measures.

The Court held that this ban violated the Equal Protection clause, by singling out a disfavored group and denying them access to ordinary, generally available political remedies.

North Carolina’s new law will surely be challenged in court and is doomed to be found unconstitutional.

Once again, our legislature is wasting time and money in order to placate hysterical, intolerant opponents of social change.

Daniel Hoffman, Charlotte

Thank you NCGA for protecting women

On behalf of thousands and thousands of Charlotteans and North Carolinians, I would like to thank the N.C. General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory for passing the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act

You have shown that providing physical protection to women and children and their families, economic protection to businesses, and moral protection to our society is a priority in North Carolina!

Elizabeth Farynyk, Charlotte

Anti-LGBT laws don’t protect anyone

I am quite certain I am not alone among women in stating that we don’t need protection.

The legislative stance of professing to offer women a refuge from unwanted male advances is condescending, paternalistic, and insulting.

N.C. legislators, stop pretending to worry about women in bathrooms and worry instead about the discrimination you are unleashing with your anti-LGBT laws.

Nancy Zupanec, Charlotte

LGBT advocates asked for too much

The real problem was that in trying to gain rights, Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the LBGT went one step too far.

As a legislator said, this measure would have been left alone had the bathroom issue not been added on. They were greedy, so the bathroom preference for a few transgender men/women cost them the entire set of rights.

Everyone needs to remember how many women and children (and men) live in North Carolina. Their rights to privacy in the bathroom were about to be trampled.

K. Karen Taylor, Charlotte

Time to flush this group of lawmakers

We deny health care coverage to 500,000 people by not expanding Medicaid. We force the uninsured to go to our emergency rooms for care.

We turn our backs and pass laws in a special session regarding bathroom usage.

It is time to flush this group of legislators down the toilet!

Marcia Lampert, Charlotte

I place blame at Mayor Roberts’ feet

All citizens deserve the same rights and protections!

Threats by companies, the NBA and NCAA are so hypocritical, as what we have now is no different than what we had before Mayor Roberts decided that bathrooms were the most important issue facing Charlotte.

This brouhaha rests at her feet. Thanks, mayor, for promoting unity.

James B. Hall, Charlotte

Gov. McCrory lacks political courage

Carolinians have elected good governors, bad governors, distinguished governors, crooked governors, and ignorant governors. Our current governor is our first and hopefully last completely lightweight governor with no spine.

I hope he is serving his only term.

Phillip Hazel, Statesville

Is it the Tarheel state or Islamic State?

Rep. Dan Bishop you’ve done well making the Tarheel State look like something from the Islamic State.

Ignorance? Check. Fear? Check. Hatred? Check.

Next time I have to go through North Carolina, I might empty my bladder on the door to one of your rest stop bathrooms rather than walk inside. But maybe you’ll have state troopers around – you know, to check everyone’s plumbing.

Regardless, I’ll make sure not to spend a dime in North Carolina.

Peter Golkin, Arlington, Va.