Letters to the Editor

Letter writer: Both parties at fault in N.C. bathroom brawl


Both parties at fault in bathroom mess

In response to “N.C. an outlier with bathroom law” (March 26) and related coverage:

I am saddened by what “Bathroomgate” is doing both socially and economically to our great city and state. It is a classic case of failed leadership on all fronts. Jennifer Roberts and City Council failed when they did not have the empathy/judgment to know that a non-discrimination ordinance without the transgender bathroom issue would have been more than “half a loaf” and certainly better than no loaf at all for the gay community.

Far right-wing ideologues like Dan Bishop failed our state with their overkill. They only succeeded in making our state a national joke and have without question hurt our economy. Way to go guys. Feel better now?

Kenneth E. Young, Charlotte

Let’s put N.C. GOP in ‘time out’ again

The GOP was the party of big business interests – yet it was they who drove the film industry out of North Carolina, and may well drive out others with H.B. 2.

The GOP was the party of Lincoln, yet it is they who have attacked the rights of blacks and every other minority that comes within their sight.

The GOP was the party of Teddy Roosevelt, one of the first great American conservationists and environmentalists, yet it is they who would destroy our environmental protections in favor of a handful who would profit today through environmental destruction.

The GOP was out of power in North Carolina for a hundred years.

Perhaps another hundred years in “time out” would be helpful.

Michael L. Ham, Matthews

Stop being whiny losers, progressives

It’s time to stop the whining, LGBT. If the pants were on the other man you would realize that this law is not about you but about the safety of innocent women and children. This would allow sex offenders and any other criminal minds to put on a dress or wig, say he’s gay and violate the rights of the innocent and unsuspecting.

Reeva D. Washington, Charlotte

Bias fight shows need for reform

It’s worth noting that Rep. Dan Bishop, architect of the “discrimination” legislation that our loving governor signed into law, is elected in a gerrymandered district.

As well, he is running for a seat in the N.C. Senate, and you guessed it, in a gerrymandered district!

How can “We the People” possibly have government directed by sensible, smart, compassionate individuals if all our elections are rigged ahead of time?

Want good people in public places? Flush gerrymandering!

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Hey Trump, why don’t you tax this?

In response to “I like what Trump is saying about jobs” (March 24 Forum):

Donald Trump has a “plan” to save U.S. jobs by increasing taxes on products manufactured abroad.

Of course only Congress, not Trump, can impose higher taxes on imports and it is unlikely to do so, especially on a product-by-product basis.

Perhaps Trump should start with his own clothing line, which is made in China and Mexico.

Peggy Graham, Mooresville

GOP has no problem with black politicians

In response to “Republican leaders wanted Obama to fail” (March 23 Forum):

Forum writer Sham Ostapko said Republicans wanted President Obama to fail and are unable to come to terms with a black president.

Where has she been? Has she forgotten the popularity of Ben Carson and other black Republican candidates and electees, both past and present?

Obama has caused the United States to lose face around the world.

People need to stop using the race card as an excuse for failure.

Larry A. Singer, Cornelius

Make Charlotte an ‘Age-Friendly’ city

The writer is a board member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Council on Aging.

Over the next 15 years, people age 65 and older will be the fastest growing segment of Mecklenburg’s population, according to the county’s “Community Pulse – 2015” report. Wow!

Time for leaders to create a plan to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg a truly “Age-Friendly” city.

Mike Sullivan, Charlotte