Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.30.16

Alan Hoch
Alan Hoch

Enough PC malarkey; pressing issues await

I am sick and tired of being accused of discrimination just because I do not want, nor do I want my grandchildren, to share a public restroom with someone of the opposite sex just because that someone “identifies” with another sex.

Public restrooms have private stalls that can be used. Let’s start using common sense and forget about all this political correctness horse malarkey!

There are more pressing issues in this country, state and city that elected leaders should be focusing on.

Henry Kempton, Charlotte

Don’t let unfounded fears guide N.C. law

Sexual offenders were never waiting around for laws to be passed before taking action.

It’s not like a group of sexual offenders were sitting around with unused wigs and dresses hoping for a law to be passed to justify their illegal actions.

It has always been illegal to enter a bathroom to commit a sexual assault crime regardless of how you are dressed or how you identify your gender.

Stop letting your fear of difference guide your laws.

Mike Watson, Charlotte

Enacting a shameful masquerade in N.C.

I am ashamed as an American to see North Carolina enact a law which discriminates against gays and transgender people.

Read the Bill of Rights; nothing in the Bill of Rights tramples on the rights of anyone or discriminates against anyone.

All of the rights listed in the Constitution are inalienable rights we all possess, not a means by which those in power can impose their will on others.

If the “right” in question allows the state to infringe on the rights of anyone else, then it’s not a right at all.

In North Carolina, there is now a law where discrimination masquerades as religious freedom.

Alan Hoch, Groton, Mass.

Threats to pull out of N.C. don’t sway me

In Nov. 2015 the voters of Houston defeated an LGBT ordinance nearly identical to the one proposed in Charlotte, 61 percent to 39 percent.

Please have this proposed law put on the ballot and let the citizens of Charlotte decide.

Please stop with all the threats that could happen to Charlotte. The NCAA is having the men’s Final Four this weekend in – Houston.

Jack Evans, Fort Mill, S.C.

Food bargains carry an ethical price

In response to “How Aldi is beating Wal-Mart at its own game” (March 24):

While competition is to be applauded, we need to remember that lower cost to consumers is only part of the story of the food we are buying.

We need to be aware that farm workers often are the ones to pay the hidden cost of cheap production, the same farm workers whose earnings already fail to give them enough income to survive.

There are ethical questions involved here that deserve serious consideration, not only by company executives but by consumers as well.

Martha Cushman, Charlotte

Inspired by Gentry and Hadley Eddings

In response to “This Easter, their message is mercy” (March 27):

Gentry and Hadley Eddings’ faith and forgiveness hold universal implications for everyone, particularly due to their concern for the individual responsible for the deaths of their two children.

One can’t help but subsequently be inspired to demonstrate compassion for others, particularly in a world where things can change in an instant, often for the worst.

I am thankful that you featured them.

Patrick Burris, Charlotte

Reagan signed more executive orders

In response to “Obama behaves more like a dictator” (March 27 Forum):

Forum writer Kenneth Kyzer’s opinion that President Obama behaves more like a dictator is not supported by facts.

Ronald Reagan signed 381 executive orders, versus 226 by Obama.

If this makes President Obama “a dictator,” what title should Mr. Reagan be given: Supreme Dictator of the Republican Party?

By the way, whatever happened to the art of compromise?

Ken Noga, Huntersville

Clean up loose gravel; it puts drivers at risk

It’s motorcycle season once again and many intersections around the Huntersville area have gross amounts of loose gravel in them.

I’m hoping the proper authority will work to get these cleaned up as it’s very hazardous to bikers and autos.

Alan Zayac, Huntersville