Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.03.16

Mark Sumwalt
Mark Sumwalt

Customers with guns help keep stores safe

In response to “Fresh Market bans guns in its grocery stores” (April 1):

Your naming of the stores that caved to the unfair demands of Moms Demand Action was a blessing.

Now I know not to ever purchase anything from Chipotle, Sonic, Target, Chili’s, Fresh Market, Trader Joes, Jack in the Box, and Whole Foods.

It really does work both ways!

By the way, weapons create a safer environment.

Dick Richards, Salisbury

LGBT law carries serious consequences

If the NBA moves the All-Star game, so be it. If the NCAA refuses to allow tournaments here, so be it.

If American Airlines, Bank of America, Wells Fargo move out, so be it.

Oh wait...

Decisions have consequences, as the governor of Georgia and state of Indiana finally realized when faced with economic realities.

This type of shallow thinking leads to extremely negative consequences that affect our economy, jobs, and quality of life.

I hope our legislature and similarly thinking individuals wake up before it is too late.

Mark Sumwalt, Charlotte

Cooper has clear conflict of interest

In response to “Cooper refuses to defend state on HB2” (March 30) and related articles:

Much of this bathroom debacle could have been avoided if our leaders had chosen an injunction over legislation.

Both sides called for this, but N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper refused to act.

The moment that HB2 passed, Cooper leapt into PR mode, using it as an issue to rally his base. This is unacceptable.

I do not support Gov. McCrory, and prior to HB2 I would have quickly voted for Cooper.

However, it seems pretty clear that he would rather hurt the citizens of North Carolina for political gain, rather than do his job.

Tyler Morrison, Charlotte

Need to add GOP to that list of scofflaws

In response to “Cooper’s defiance makes him a scofflaw” (April 1 Forum):

Oh, how fast the hypocrites unite to condemn Roy Cooper when their own political party rallies behind the magistrates for refusing to perform their sworn duties.

And, they rally behind their elected representatives in Washington who refuse to abide by the U.S. Constitution and hold hearings to debate the nomination to the Supreme Court by the current president.

Doesn’t that constitute an entire party of scofflaws, by your definition?

Les Burns, Mineral Springs

I let my pocketbook speak on LGBT law

I wanted to buy an expensive new sewing machine.

When I asked several local shop owners about views on HB2, the owners voiced strong biblically based support for the new law but said that support “had absolutely nothing to do with business.”

Boy were they wrong!

I just spent several thousand dollars at a Connecticut-based store instead – one that specifically supports LGBT rights.

Every dollar spent is a vote.

Linda Goodwin, Concord

Pedestrian bridges would mar SouthPark

In response to “SouthPark needs pedestrian bridges” (March 23):

SouthPark has been developed exceptionally well so far, although it was much more beautiful years ago as the Morrison farm.

SouthPark congestion will only be amplified by continued commercial, retail and residual development, which I am certain will continue, regardless.

But, please, let’s not destroy vistas of beautiful tree-lined avenues by erecting pedestrian bridges.

Years ago when the city approved the movement of the Sardis/Rama Road intersection almost into my family’s den, I asked “What price progress?”

Again, “What price, progress?”

Robert B. Miller, Charlotte

In praise of Roy’s quaint vocabulary

In response to “ ‘Dadgum’ over profanity” (March 31):

Oh, how I love Roy Williams and his “quaint” vocabulary. Being from Asheville myself, I talk just like him.

Most people call our manner of talk “hillbilly.” We call it a “geographical dialect.”

So there, Dadgum it!, and Go Tarheels! (you cute little rascals)!

Doris A. Coble, Matthews