Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.06.16

Joe Sutterlin
Joe Sutterlin

Don’t eliminate professional licenses

In response to “N.C. may kill licensing for dozen professions” (April 4):

Licensing brings a measure of accountability and makes continuing education part of a professional’s daily awareness.

It is a good thing for the people of North Carolina.

Do you want your podiatrist or your electrolysis and laser hair removal practitioner working on you with only an online training course – or no training?

To remove licensing will save virtually no money, but the cost will mount up when the lawsuits begin.

Joe Sutterlin, Charlotte

Bishop, McCrory drive N.C. backward

In response to “PayPal withdraws plans for Charlotte expansion over HB2” (April 5):

Rep. Dan Bishop employs tactics of abusers everywhere: Blame the victims, they (the City Council) made me do it.

The hypocrisy of smug bigots like Bishop and Gov. McCrory drives our state backward and threatens the livelihoods and prosperity of North Carolinians.

What tragic – and dangerous – fools they are.

David Walters, Charlotte

Roberts should have taken public’s pulse

In response to “Poll: 51 percent support legislature overturning Charlotte bathroom provision” (April 5):

So, according to the TWC News North Carolina poll, a majority of those polled favor the new bathroom bill.

Perhaps it would have been better if Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts had taken the time to gather public opinion on the matter before she and her cronies on City Council decided to vote on the matter for their own political gain.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Transgender people are not expendable

In response to “Gov. McCrory will retreat on House Bill 2, just a matter of when and how” (April 4 Viewpoint):

Ned Barnett writes that “HB2 gets too much wrong,” and that “If Republican lawmakers had confined themselves to that aspect (transgender use of bathrooms), they might have a stronger case focused on a small group and supported by a broader constituency.”

Any discrimination is wrong. To chastise about overreaching is not the right column to write.

Transgender people are not expendable.

Rev. Chris Ayers, Charlotte

Here’s how to track campaign promises

In response to “Hold politicians to election promises” (April 4 Forum):

The idea of keeping track of campaign promises and if they were fulfilled is excellent.

With a grant, the political science department of a large university could keep track of this on the federal level.

The promises could be posted online and updated. Before the next election, a report could be sent to every major newspaper and news source for publication.

Valerie Davis, Charlotte

Kasich could be the Truman we need

We need a leader who is trustworthy and steady at the wheel, not a rock star or narcissistic sociopath.

At the end of World War II and the death of revered president, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman was called upon to take his place.

As fate would have it, undistinguished Truman turned out to be one of our greatest presidents.

Perhaps lightning will strike twice, and at this volatile time another banal man will step forward and be up to the task.

Could that man be John Kasich?

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

License bicycles just as we do motorcycles

In response to “Rules of the road on 2 or 4 wheels” (April 4):

Being a bike advocate, I still have a gripe with the cycling community as they do not adhere to the “share the road” concept.

If you have ever driven the Booty Loop for example, you know what I mean.

They run lights, do not even look up at yield signs, and take up more space than recommended forcing motorists to go around in the oncoming lane.

I even heard of one cyclist kicking a car because the elderly lady did not leave enough room for the cyclist to squeeze by.

I suggest that bikes be required to have a license tag, just like motorcycles.

Pedestrians and motorists would then have a way of protecting themselves by being able to finger the “bad apples.” And maybe carry insurance?

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte