Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.07.16

Cathy Lefsky
Cathy Lefsky

Silent majority, send PayPal a message

Paypal has decided not to create jobs for our city.

This bigotry against those of us who don’t believe transgender persons have a right to use the bathroom of their choice is what is making this a country without morality.

North Carolinians need to voice their objection to this mindset and cancel their PayPal accounts.

It’s time for the silent majority to be heard!

Cathy Lefsky, Davidson

Don’t punish city that tried to do right thing

The City passes a progressive anti-discrimination law. The state passes a bill that restricts the city from enforcing its rules.

Now, corporate America is punishing the city?

Why go after the place that was trying to further anti-discrimination? Why not go after the state officials who signed this bill?

Start canceling projects in their districts. Don’t punish us here in Charlotte.

Stuart Brashear, Concord

McCrory stands up for God’s principles

The only way that America is “going to be great again” is to stand up for the truth and principles of God’s word.

Thank you, Gov. Pat McCrory, for taking a stand against those who seek to destroy those principles. And to those companies threatening Charlotte and North Carolina – don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

John Tignor, Indian Land

Time for us all to practice tolerance

In response to “N.C., hold ground like Chick-fil-A did,” (April 5 Forum):

Forum writer William Ellis asks that people not be labeled as “anti-whatever the flavor of the day is” without acknowledging that every “anti-” can have an “anti-anti-.”

For every anti-gay, there are anti-homophobes making the same request.

No one is safe from prejudices. We need to look for the day when we can all be pro-humanity and practice tolerance of everyone.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Let N.C. lead the way on minimum wage

In response to “ ‘Fight for $15’ movement sets sights on more states” (April 4):

I encourage our local and state governments to lead the way and increase the minimum wage to $15.

Wages at the top could be frozen for a time to make the budget work.

On average, CEOs earn 204 times more than their employees. Is a CEO really worth that when their employees are struggling?

Anyone working full-time should be compensated with a livable wage!

Margie Storch, Charlotte

Push for $15 an hour wage will cost jobs

In 2014 Seattle passed a $15 minimum wage law; the first increase to $11 took effect April 1, 2015.

What happened? The American Enterprise Institute says the increase “may have contributed to the loss of 700 Seattle area restaurant jobs” during the first nine months of 2015.

I fully support the right of everyone to earn a living wage, and with three adult children, I understand how expensive it is for young families today.

But the logic behind these laws is baffling. If there are 100 jobs available at $7.50 an hour, how many do the politicians assume will be available at $15 an hour?

Tom Spencer, Waxhaw

Michael Marsicano lit a path for Charlotte

In response to “Vision Award to honor Marsicano” (April 6):

Foundation for the Carolinas CEO Michael Marsicano has done the impossible: Create a brand from a community foundation.

Michael, you have assembled a special team. But a team takes a leader and you are the North Star with a gravitational pull to excellence and an incandescent light illuminating the path.

It’s not that you need the applause, but that you deserve it.

For a man who came to town a stranger nearly 27 years ago, you have made a remarkable imprint in public service.

Where your vision will take us next is unknown, but I will confidently follow.

Rolfe Neill, Charlotte

As a teen, a Trump victory worries me

In response to “Psychologists and massage therapists report ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients” (March 6):

The “Trump effect” is really much worse than Donald Trump becoming president. Trump’s chants and rallies have a large effect on our people.

As a teen, I have heard kids chanting “build the wall!” to Latinos, which makes me afraid of our next generation and the future generally if Trump becomes president.

Luka Bratic, Charlotte